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Get More Out of Your Skincare

Get More Out of Your Skincare

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Who doesn’t love an insider tip? With the prevalence and societal embrace of virtual platforms, entire careers have been made from doling out tips and tricks in how-to videos. Just about every consumer product pulls double, or even triple, duty – and that includes cosmetics and skincare. Brow pencils doubling as nude lip liners, lip gloss doubling as cream blush, the list goes on. But what about getting more out of your skincare? Although a little less conspicuous, these tips, when done well and often, will have your friends and fam asking you that glorious question: “What are you doing differently?” 

If you’re feeling like putting traditional application methods on pause and branching out (within safe reason, of course), this skinsider tea is just what you ordered.


The Perfector

1. Get a Cleaner Clean with The Balance + Glass & Gloss

Instead of separating out your nightly cleanse and exfoliation steps, try combining these two for instant, super soft results – plus, you’ll shave off a few min of shower time, too. Oat Kernel Extract in The Balance and spherical, biodegradable exfoliation crystals in Glass & Gloss help clarify breakouts, unclog pores and refine areas of uneven texture without stripping skin of any of its natural moisture.

How: Combine a small amount of The Balance Cleanser and the Glass’s nanoderma exfoliating crystals in the palm of your hand, gently massage together to activate and then rub in small circles across your forehead, cheeks, nose, chin and between the brows. Massage for 30 sec, then rinse off. Once you’re out of the shower, pat skin dry and apply a small amount of The Gloss hydrating serum, packed with mineral-rich seawater and peptides, to seal in hydration and nutrients.

Balance Cleanser Glass & Gloss

2. Get Dewy Makeup-Optional Skin with The Radiance Face + The Perfector

Enhance your long wear tinted SPF moisturizer with a dose of satiny hydration to keep your look glowing strong from day to night. The Perfector is formulated with proprietary tinting technology to automatically adjusts to individual skin tones, creating a shade unique to each wearer for a filter finish in seconds – enhance its laydown by adding our quartz-infused Radiance Face Oil for lasting luminosity on top of your all-day SPF protection.

How: Dispense 1-2 pumps of The Perfector onto your palm or fingertip, then add a few drops of The Radiance Face Oil, mix until blended and apply evenly to face – can be used under and around the eye area as well.

Radiance Face Oil The Perfector

3. Get Longer Wear from Your Foundation by Priming with The ZenBubble

Primers are the unsung heroes of long-lasting makeup wear, plus, they’re ultimately responsible for the laydown and finish giving it either a dewy, satiny sheen, subtle glow or a totally matte look. Pairing The ZenBubble, which has built-in oil-control technology, with your favorite light, medium or full-coverage foundation is the perfect way to extend wear while keeping your look fresh and radiant.

How: On clean skin in the morning, apply any serums, oils or targeted treatments; then, apply The ZenBubble Gel Cream. Next, apply foundation and use either your fingers or a foundation brush to gently blend in. Appy up to and around the eye area for a consistent, even finish.



ZenBubble Gel Cream

4. Get Brighter, De-Puffed Eyes with Bright Eyes + Cryo Roller 

We love combining two product powerhouses that kick our concerns to the curb. Enter, Bright Eyes and our Cryo Roller, our go-to duo for removing daily puffiness. Both served better cold, store this combo in the fridge to optimize brightening, tightening and lymphatic drainage benefits. The Cryo’s pure stainless-steel composition helps skin better absorb Bright Eyes’ firming collagen, restorative colloidal silver and brightening pearl while rolling out toxins to reduce under-eye puffiness.

How: On clean skin, apply Bright Eyes gels under each eye. Using the small end of the Cryo Skin Icing Roller, glide up and outward over the gels to deliver a burst of depuffing chill that helps seal in and magnify Bright Eyes’ benefits. Bonus, roll the larger end of the roller up and outward over the rest of your face to sculpt and contour before applying your makeup.

Bright Eyes Cryo