Jamie O'Banion, BeautyBio CEO & Founder

Behind The Glow

Our roots are pure R&D. The journey began in 2005 in a family-owned cosmetics lab where our founder, Jamie, and her biochemist father began experimenting with higher active ingredient percentages. The goal? Create 100% effective, results-driven skincare designed to enhance individual skin health: meet your skin where it's at and optimize it.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We are a team of skincare device and formula innovators dedicated to sourcing the most potent ingredients and effective natural extracts to bring you the most clinically formulated collection of skincare. Our tools and topicals are carefully designed to put the power of in-office results in the palm of your hand. Our mission is an ongoing, dynamic journey that embodies our core values and reflects our passion for protecting our planet. In our commitment to make a positive impact, we are dedicated to preserving the planet by implementing eco-conscious practices from the responsible sourcing of ingredients to creating more sustainable packaging solutions. With a steadfast focus on shaping a greener tomorrow, we embrace the power of transformation—not only for our skin but for the world we all share.

Clean - Only The Good Stuff


Only The Good Stuff
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Tools + Topicals
Transparency - 100% Formula Honesty


100% Formula Honesty

Our Commitment To A Brighter Future

  • Waste Reduction

    We strive to reduce our carbon footprint and energy consumption by implementing energy-efficient practices in our facilities and reducing waste in any way we can.

  • Ethical Sourcing

    We prioritize using only the highest-quality, ethically-sourced ingredients in our products, adhering to strict environmental and social standards, and prioritizing the use of ingredients that have minimal impact on the environment.

    We're proud to be certified by PETA as a cruelty-free brand, which means we never test any of our products on animals.
  • Recyclability

    We are committed to implementing innovative solutions to increase recyclability. We will continue to learn, evolve, and improve based on discoveries made by the scientific community about the impact of ingredients, materials and methods of production in the beauty industry.

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"BeautyBio was founded on transparency and creating positive change in the beauty industry. Our mission is to continue to empower our community and remain dedicated to growing our initiatives that contribute to the health and well-being of all people and our planet. This is what motivates us on our journey to long-term, sustainable growth."

— Jamie O'Banion, CEO & Founder of BeautyBio

We’re so grateful to share this journey with you and we can’t wait to see all the ways you glow!

XOXO, BeautyBio


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