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Behind the #GLO

Meet Jamie O'Banion, CEO & Co-Founder of BeautyBio.

BeautyBio is #TruthInBeauty

Boss Babe Jamie O’Banion launched BeautyBio in 2011 with one mission, Truth in Beauty. After working alongside her father in their family-owned cosmetic lab and learning to speak beauty as a second language, Jamie witnessed prestige brands using minimal concentrations of active ingredients to save on costs but still make clinical claims.

Having created several best-selling formulas, Jamie and her father were ready to design a line that was not only efficacious, but formula-honest and results driven. Inspired to pull back the industry’s curtain, the duo launched the first ever at-home patented microneedling tool in 2016 designed to place the results of in-office treatments in consumer’s hands without the per-treatment price tag.

BeautyBio continues to maintain a commitment to honest ingredient stories, actives that work and proven, clinical results. Wherever you choose to shop, we’re happy as long as you know what’s in your skincare and what really works. #TruthInBeauty #FemaleFounded