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Why Microneedling Your Lips is Beneficial

Why Microneedling Your Lips is Beneficial

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If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the lips are the gateway to the heart.


So much attention, especially with the birth of social media, is on our mouths. While we use our lips daily to speak and express feelings, they are one of the first places we begin to show signs of sun damage and aging. Fine lines, deep creases, sunspots, and lack of moisture are all tell-tale signs that we aren’t taking care of our precious pouts the way we should. Even if your lips and the surrounding skin are still relatively supple, smooth and line-free, you may be in the market for a fuller, poutier pout. The quest for a larger lips isn’t new; we’ve been pursuing them in earnest since the early 1900s. Unfortunately, some methods of plumping our lips have fallen just shy of lab experiment-status: injections, implantations and vacuum-like devices that suck our lips to increase blood flow. Luckily, there’s a better way to achieve fuller-looking lips and erase the signs of aging from the comfort of home; this is why lip microneedling is the most natural and effective lip-plumping alternative.


Microneedling for Lips

What is microneedling? 

It’s the same science behind a papercut, our skin regenerates to create new, bouncy skin until the paper cut disappears. Therefore, each time we microneedle, we’re stimulating skin’s natural healing response. New skin is likely to be more radiant, bouncy and younger-looking. It’s basically the closest we can get to rewinding the clock without invasive surgery.


GloPRO Microneedling


Why microneedle your lips?

The skin on and around our lips is much thinner and more delicate than the skin on the rest of the body. Compared to the skin on our face, our lips have about ten fewer cellular layers. This means that microneedling can actually penetrate numerous layers of lip skin and deliver even more dramatic results than it can elsewhere on the body. Essentially, the amazing results we usually get from at-home microneedling are amplified when we’re targeting the lips; it’s like a bonus on top of a bonus. Our lips also require more moisture to remain healthy. Using a microneedling tool followed by a great lip serum can significantly increase moisture levels and promote overall lip health.

The first thing you’ll want to do is purchase a quality microneedling tool specifically designed for the delicate lip area. The GloPRO Facial Microneedling Tool is available with a specific lip attachment. This attachment is more compact, contains shorter needles and is equipped with silicone bumpers on the sides so that you never have to worry about collisions with your teeth or gums. Want to dig a little deeper? Here are some great benefits of microneedling your lips.


GloPRO Lip Attachment Head

Microneedling your lips increases fullness. How does this happen?

It’s really simple. When you microneedle your lips, you are creating tiny micro-wounds in the uppermost layers of lip skin with your microneedling tool. Remember, there is no blood drawn, and it’s completely painless. When these micro-injuries are created, the skin cells of the lip are alerted to get to work to rebuild and restore. That means the cells are activated and white blood cells flood the area to begin producing collagen-dense new skin tissue. When this new tissue is created, the lips not only appear fuller, they literally are fuller. You can really get some dramatic results when you pair a lip plumper product with your microneedling routine. When you microneedle your lips, you essentially create micro-channels in the skin where a product that is applied post-treatment can penetrate deeply and reach the cells more effectively. A product rich in hyaluronic acid (which helps the cells pull in moisture) like The Pout Volumizing Lip Serum can increase the plumping effect of microneedling and ensure your lips are as healthy and hydrated as possible.



Because microneedling has the ability to force the skin to work overtime to produce new tissue, you are able to reveal newer, healthier skin every time you microneedle. When microneedling your lips, you should not only treat the actual lip skin, but also the area immediately surrounding the lips, where fine lines (also called feathering) can appear. Additionally, coupling your microneedling treatment with a lip enhancing serum can benefit the entire mouth area by increasing moisture. When our skin cells are fully hydrated, fine lines and wrinkles virtually disappear. 


Microneedling for Lips

You can achieve fuller, healthier lips at home without pain & without spending a fortune.

In fact, the amount you will spend on an at-home microneedling tool is extremely minimal compared to the hundreds (maybe even thousands) of dollars you would spend on successive in-office microneedling treatments. The end result of at-home microneedling is lips that are healthier, feel less dry, and won’t dare reveal your true age, even if asked.