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Glass & Gloss

Megawatt Glow Pro-Facial

2-Step Retexturizing & Brightening Treatment
1oz / 30ml per side

or 4 installments of $17.25 USD by Info

Meet your new 2-step facial from home that instantly delivers velvety soft skin and a lit-from-within glow that lasts for days. Use BeautyBio Glass and Gloss, retexturizing skin treatment, 2-3x per week to reset skin in seconds with the same two key steps included in a professional glow-inducing facial - dermabrasion exfoliation and restorative, hydrating nutrients.

Formula is 100% clean, vegan and perfect for all skin types.



  • Resurface Texture
  • Restore Hydration
  • Velvety Glow

Key Ingredients


An oceanic superfood containing peptides, amino acids, iron, zinc, beta-carotenes, and fatty acids that help reduce redness, restore a natural healthy radiance, and smooth uneven texture.

Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate

Acid-free vitamin C that, unlike traditional ascorbic acids, is non-irritating and helps enhance glow, diminish hyperpigmentation, tighten pores, and slow the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Brown Seaweed

Brown seaweed is naturally rich in proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids, and vitamins A, D, E, and K that nourish and soothe skin while strengthening its ability to retain moisture and maintain a supple, smooth appearance.

Sea Water

Helps replenish natural elements such as minerals, vitamins, and amino acids found within skin that get depleted through stress and sweat, helping the skin stay hydrated and strong enough to fight off free radicals.


Consumer Results


In a Consumer Study After 1 Use (Instant):

100% said skin felt instantly soft and velvety to the touch

97% said Glass & Gloss felt like a spa-from-home treatment

97% said skin instantly had a glassy smooth finish

100% said they would recommend Glass & Gloss to a friend

In a Consumer Study After 3 Days:

97% said their skin continued to feel smooth

97% said their skin appeared brighter

97% said skin instantly appeared healthy

93% saw an improvement in the texture of their skin

90% said skin immediately appeared luminous and radiant

Before and After 1 use of Glass & Gloss

I literally say out loud to myself every time I use it “omg this is so good.”

- Ashley B

              How to use Glass & Gloss

How To Use

For PM use. On clean, damp skin, massage Glass in circular motions, then rinse off. Apply a small amount of Gloss to dry skin. A little goes a long way. These products may be used in the same routine and/or separately as desired.

Skinsider Tips:
  • Use 2-step treatment 2-3x/week in the PM
  • Treat with G&G before applying other serums or creams
  • Hydrating Gloss Serum can also be applied in the AM before makeup application as a priming step


Shape, Editor Pick, June 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Glass & Gloss uses new, gentle nanoderma exfoliating spheres that, unlike traditional exfoliants, don’t irritate skin. You may experience slight skin flushing after use because of enhanced microcirculation, but that’s normal after a facial!

Glass & Gloss is two formulas in one jar, you’ll apply the exfoliation crystals (Glass) to clean, wet skin and rinse it off. Then, on clean, dry skin, apply the hydrating gel serum (Gloss) and you’re good to glow!

The two separate glass jars are recyclable, so please recycle after use. The connector piece between the two glass jars is not recyclable.

Use 2-3x a week to reset skin in seconds, may be used more often, but like a facial, results – including that “just had a facial” glow – will last for days.

We always recommend exfoliating at night so that your skin cell turnover can be optimized and work in conjunction with your nightly circadian rhythm (when our bodies are naturally rebooting). Hydrating Gloss Serum may be used AM and/or PM as desired on clean skin.

Absolutely! These can be used together or separately as desired based on your skin’s needs.

Yes, you can use this system with GloPRO®, however we always recommend performing a small patch test any time you use a new exfoliator before treating with GloPRO®.

We recommend putting all exfoliants and serums on pause when boosting with R45, so take a break for 45 days and resume use once your retinol boost is complete.

Yes, Glass & Gloss is safe to use while pregnant and nursing. If you have any unique skin concerns, please consult your doctor or dermatologist.

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