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Patented GLOfacial Pore Detox Tool + Plumping Hyaluronic & Clarifying Salicylic Acid Infusion Set

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Your most satisfying cleanse ever starts with GLOfacial’s vortex vacuum tech, which instantly extracts skin-aging impurities, oil, and pollution while infusing youth-promoting ingredients into the skin. To get the facial results your skin is currently craving, choose between the new firming + smoothing GLOfacial Concentrate with collagen and peptides or the original clarifying + plumping Concentrate with Salicylic and Hyaluronic acid - both included in this limited edition set. Skin is velvety smooth in just minutes with a healthy, hydrated glow so real - your facialist will miss you.

Set Includes:

  • GLOfacial Hydro-Infusion Pore Cleansing Tool
  • 2 x 20ml. GLOfacial Concentrate¬†¬†
  • 50ml. GLOfacial Collagen Concentrate¬†
  • 1 Small + 1 Large Treatment Tip + 1 Clarifying Cap
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Charging Display Stand


  • Extracts Impurities & Excess Oil
  • Instantly Helps Resurface
  • Infuses Clarifying + Hydrating Skincare

Key Ingredients

Salicylic Acid

A clarifying & resurfacing beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) that penetrates deep into the pores to help unclog them at the source while gently exfoliating to remove dirt, oil, and dead skin cells for a smooth, healthy complexion.

Hyaluronic Acid

A naturally occurring humectant that works by retaining moisture in the skin to plump, hydrate, and boost radiance.


A form of vitamin B-3 that reduces inflammation, controls oiliness, and helps clarify blemish-prone skin, minimizing the appearance of congested pores.

Botanical Extract

An antioxidant-rich complex made up of Cica, Green Tea, Licorice Root, Chamomile and Rosemary delivers essential amino acids and vitamins for calm, glowing skin.


Clinical Results


In a consumer perception survey:

100% Saw improvement in skin's texture

100% Felt pores appeared clean

100% Felt skin appeared less dull

100% Felt skin appeared plumper

96% Felt skin appeared brighter

Before & After 1 GLOfacial Treatment
Before & After 1 GLOfacial Treatment
Before & After 1 GLOfacial Treatment
Before & After 1 GLOfacial Treatment
Before & After 1 GLOfacial Treatment

I’m amazed every single time I use this. The amount of gunk that it pulls out!

- Amy

              How to Use GLOfacial Hydro-Infusing Pore Cleansing Tool

How To Use

Press desired Treatment Tip firmly onto the tool with the tab positioned upward. Remove Treatment Chamber (left) and pour concentrate to fill line. Fill remainder with water to dilute. Press and hold power button to turn on tool. Push button again to start in low suction mode, hold skin taut, keep tool upright and glide along damp skin until Treatment Chamber is empty.

Suction Modes:
  • Press +1 for low suction
  • Press +2 for medium suction
  • Press +3 for high suction
Skinsider Tips:
  • Prime GLOfacial on the inside of your palm to get all of the concentrate mix moving
  • Use the Small Tip for your nose and chin (this is where you will get the most gunk!)
  • Leave all parts open to dry overnight (like a baby bottle after cleaning)


Women's Health, 2023 Editor's Choice, January 2023

New Beauty, Beauty Awards: Best Pore-Cleansing Device, March 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

GloPRO¬ģ is an at-home microneedling tool designed to ignite your skin‚Äôs natural rejuvenation process & enhance topical skincare as microneedles glide over the skin.

The GLOfacial tool is like a vortex vacuum for your pores, working to extract blackheads, excess oil, and impurities from your skin while delivering hydro-infusion skincare to clarify & hydrate.

We recommend using GLOfacial 1-2x a week. It is gentle enough to be used on low suction mode daily. Blue Light Treatment can be done daily for 4 minutes per target area.

You know your skin best! We recommend starting with low suction and working your way up to the medium and high settings.

You can use GLOfacial to help clarify your skin, you will want to use the LED Blue Light mode with the Clarifying Cap. Do not use the tool on open wounds and do not use the suction modes over active breakouts.

The GLOfacial Concentrate was designed specifically for the GLOfacial tool and offers key ingredients to cleanse, clarify, and plump the skin. While you can use the tool with water alone, using the concentrate will deliver the best results.

We recommend replacing your tips every 2-3 months.

GLOfacial features a Lithium Ion Battery which may need to be carried on flight during air travel. We recommend checking your local regulations.

es, you can. You may choose to use these on alternating nights for sensitive skin. You may also use the GLOfacial tool in the AM and GloPRO in the PM.

We recommend skipping other AHAs, BHAs, PHAs on days you’re using GLOfacial as stacking multi-acid formulas mayirritate your skin.

Yes! You can skip the hydration facial and use the blue light with cap for a clarifying treatment anytime. We recommend spot treating for two minutes.

Both Concentrates help infuse skin with amazing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, helping get the most out of your GLOfacial treatment. The Original Concentrate focuses more on clarifying - great for blemish prone or oily skin! Collagen Concentrate helps build firmer, juicier skin for a plump, dewy feel.

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