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Quench Your Skin with These Hydrating Heroes

Quench Your Skin with These Hydrating Heroes

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Thirsty skin? These hydrating skincare essentials are the perfect additions to your routine for a dewy, hydrated glow in no time.

GLOfacial: If you’re intimidated by facial tools, this Hydration Facial Pore Cleansing Tool is designed for all skin types (even sensitive). Like a "vortex vacuum for your pores," it gently removes dirt, oil, and makeup, while simultaneously cleansing pores and infusing hydrating skincare, delivering a, "just got a facial" glow from the comfort of home. Skip the pricey appointments and enjoy personalized, spa-worthy results. To satisfy your skin’s cravings, personalize your at-home hydration facial by choosing between our clarifying Salicylic or plumping Hyaluronic Acid concentrates for a juicy, velvety-smooth complexion in minutes.

The ZenBubble Gel Cream: Our cult-favorite oil-free gel cream recently won the NewBeauty Award for "Best Moisturizer for Acne-Prone Skin" for good reason. A multitasking go-to, this lightweight formula wraps skin in soothing marine extracts and topical superfoods to hydrate and prime for smooth, all-day makeup application in seconds.

The Quench Face Cream: The name says it all. Our intensely nourishing moisture barrier repair cream visibly rejuvenates your skin after just one use. This unique formula features Quadralipid tech — a combination of ceramides, natural cholesterol, and fatty acids to improve and restore the skin’s moisture levels and elasticity. Plus, lactic acid – a gentle, yet potent AHA – works diminish discoloration and fade fine lines and wrinkles while helping to firm skin for a smoother-looking appearance. Perfect for dry climates, dry skin, long-haul flights, and post-retinol, clinical, or microneedling treatments, this cream will become your new favorite heavyweight moisturizer.

The Eyelighter Concentrate: Don’t neglect the under-eye area. Our bestselling, multitasking Eyelighter Concentrate is the best eye product for dark circles and puffiness. Combining a pro-grade under-eye serum, primer, and tool in one, this formula contains jojoba, a plant-powered retinol alternative, acid-free vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid, and vegan squalane to depuff, brighten, and provide long-term firming benefits. Just pump and glide the cooling metal tip for smoother-looking, hydrated under-eyes after one application.

Ready to upgrade your skincare routine? Shop these skin-loving essentials to achieve a radiant, hydrated glow — whether you're adding a new tool to level up your at-home spa day or searching for your new go-to daily formula, we promise these products are truly worth the hype.