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Best Product for Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes

Best Product for Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes

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We’d like to re-introduce you to the best product for dark circles and puffy eyes. Hands down, The Eyelighter Concentrate is the formula you’ve been looking for to target all things eye care and achieve a brighter-looking eye area in seconds. Not only is it one of our bestselling products, it’s also a cult-fave multitasking hero that delivers instant depuffing, brightening, and priming plus long-term under-eye-firming benefits. It works as a dual-action, pro-grade under-eye serum, and depuffing tool in one. The cooling, contoured metal tip applicator soothes as you glide to apply the formula’s color-correcting luminizers, helping neutralize dark circles on all skin tones. Enhanced with smoothing jojoba and rehydrating vegan squalane, this concentrate doubles as a silky-smooth makeup primer for creaseless under-eye concealer and eyeshadow application. Formulated with a gentle plant-powered retinol alternative, brightening acid-free vitamin C, and hydrating hyaluronic acid, these mild, yet effective powerhouse ingredients deliver real results with zero downtime.

Let’s get up close and personal with the key ingredients inside: 

Plant-Powered Retinol Alternative: Mimics the skin-smoothing effects of vitamin A without dryness, irritation, or redness.

Acid-Free Vitamin C: A gentle, non-irritating form of this brightening powerhouse vitamin helps diminish discoloration, repel free radicals, and reduce dullness.

Hyaluronic Acid: Boosts skin’s natural moisture levels for a consistent healthy glow and plumps skin, lessening the appearance of fine lines for a smoother eye area.

Vegan Squalane: A vegan, more stable form of squalane that hydrates skin and strengthens its barrier to prevent moisture loss, roughness, and uneven texture. 

To refresh your eye care routine, we’ve come up with the perfect weekend spa treatment to level up your self-care ritual: 

  1. Cleanse skin with The Balance: Our all-in-one pH balancing cleanser gently soothes skin and removes makeup without stripping the skin’s natural moisture levels. 
  2. Apply Bright Eyes: These under-eye patches infused with colloidal silver and collagen hydrate and depuff the under-eye area in just 10 minutes. Pro Tip: Store gels in fridge for a chilled experience. 
  3. Pump and glide The Eyelighter Concentrate onto eye area: The main character of this routine is, of course, our bestselling, 2-in-1 under-eye serum and depuffing tool powered by smoothing Jojoba and a plant-based, gentle retinol alternative to brighten, neutralize dark circles, and reduce puffiness while also priming the under-eye area for creaseless makeup application. 
  4. Apply The Quench Eye Balm: For extra hydration, use your fingertips to dab onto the under-eye area. This instantly nourishing, pro-grade eye-brightening balm features four nutrient-rich lipids that help restore the skin's protective moisture barrier to help maintain the under-eye area's elasticity, bounce, and glow.
  5. Seal in skincare benefits with the Cryo Roller: Use the narrow end of the roller to target the eye area with this professional-grade stainless steel roller that harnesses the power of ice-cold temps to help depuff, tighten, and detoxify skin for a more sculpted, radiant-looking appearance.

Learn more about our formulas especially developed for the eye area by visiting our Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes collection. Find everything you need to help de-puff, brighten, and blur fine lines around the delicate eye area all in one place.