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Here's all the deets
The GLOfacial Concentrate was designed for use with the GLOfacial Tool and offers key ingredients to cleanse, clarify, and plump your skin.
Yes, but we recommend using the GLOfacial Concentrate for optimal results.
We only recommend using water or the GLOfacial Concentrate.
GLOfacial works on all skin tones and types. See warnings in user manual for concerns regarding medical conditions.
We recommend beginning with cleansed skin to help prevent makeup, oil, or residue from clogging the Tool or Treatment Tips.
The GLOfacial tool will help clarify your skin by using the Blue LED Light Mode with the Clarifying Cap. Do not use the tool over open wounds or suction modes on active breakouts.
Consult your physician before use if you are pregnant or nursing.
We recommend consulting your physician for a personal treatment recommendation. Do not use it directly after fillers or injections.
We recommend replacing your tips every 2-3 months.
For best results, we recommend using the tool 1-2 times a week. Some areas of congestion may take several treatments over time to clear. Skin may become temporarily flush after treatment as GLOfacial enhances microcirculation so we recommend treating your skin at night.


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