Toner Serum


pro-grade toner & repair serum in one


See It To Believe It

Reduce redness, boost hydration, and accelerate skincare absorption for a youthful glow.
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Get the glow that everyone's talking about.

Shake It, Flip It, Pour It, Pat It

Shake to activate bi-phase formula and press into skin after cleansing. For AM & PM use.
  • Shake well to blend toner and
    serum formulas, flip cap to dispense.

  • Pour several drops onto palm
    and use fingers to press into skin
    (a cotton round may be used).

  • Allow ZenBubble Bi-Phase
    Toner Serum to drink into skin
    and follow with moisturizer.

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Meet The Dream Team

Your routine, simplified. 2 steps in 1 + multitasking must-haves for healthy, hydrated skin.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I have sensitive skin and rosacea. The ZenBubble Bi-Phase Toner Serum is a game changer for me. Instant relief when my skin has a flare up and has done well as a maintenance serum to keep my skin fresh and comfortable.

— deb07

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Quick and easy way to get two products in one without losing the quality of either. With a noticeable difference in my skin's appearance after just a few days, this product did not disappoint. The application is easy, the drying process is quick, and the results are wonderful.

– Chubbs

Prime, Soothe, And Perfect In Just 2 Steps

Our multitasking heroes work together as the perfect pair for healthy, hydrated skin.


Here's all the deets
A bi-phase treatment combines two powerful formulas into one without diluting them or compromising benefits. The ZenBubble Bi-Phase Toner Serum combines the benefits of a clarifying toner and repair serum, saving time and money by streamlining your routine with 2 steps in 1 easy to use product.
When shaken, the clarifying toner and repair serum blend together into one multitasking formula for seamless delivery and maximum benefits. Shake vigorously and apply immediately.
As a general rule, you should be applying your skincare from thinnest to thickest for best results. With ZenBubble Bi-Phase Toner Serum, you are combining your toner and serum into one step. To integrate it into your routine, cleanse skin, apply ZenBubble Toner Serum, then follow with any additional serums and moisturizer.
We don’t recommend mixing in ZenBubble Bi-Phase Toner Serum with other formulas. For best results, apply your Toner Serum first and let it soak into your skin. Then follow with the rest of your skincare routine.
Yes, you may use ZenBubble Bi-Phase Toner Serum prior to other serums in your routine. After applying your Toner Serum, we recommend using The Daily, an AM acid-free vitamin C serum, to brighten tone and smooth texture, and The Nightly, a PM retinol repair serum to target fine lines and diminish discoloration.
Yes! ZenBubble Bi-Phase Toner Serum and ZenBubble Gel Cream moisturizer work beautifully together and are the perfect pair to help address stressed skin, excess oil, and redness for zen, glowing skin.
Light can change the color of the formula over time. Store in a cool place away from light (like a drawer or cabinet). Color may vary due to natural ingredients.
We recommend using your fingers to ensure you get the most out of your product. If you don’t want to use your fingers, we recommend using a cotton round (a reusable cotton round is even better).
Twist the bottom portion of the cap to remove seal from the bottle. Replace cap onto bottle, shake to activate, and flip the lid open to dispense the formula (avoid twisting the top portion of the cap).
This is completely normal. As you use the product the bubble may reform into smaller bubbles. It also takes some time for the two formulas to separate again after shaking. The haziness you are seeing is the temporary combination of the two formulas.


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