#BeautyBioBoss Series: Caitlin Wilson

Caitlin Wilson

Caitlin Wilson is a lot like her design aesthetic -

fresh, feminine and traditional with a twist. Her signature pink and blue hues that span textiles, furniture and home décor have been featured in Architectural Digest, HGTV Magazine and Better Homes and Gardens. She let us into her world where the creative process is a “series of pleasant surprises,” biker shorts and big tees are a no-go, and nothing beats a trip to Bergdorf’s. We feel chicer already.


Current title/occupation?

Interior and home decor designer.

What defines your style and where do you draw inspo? 

Fresh, feminine, traditional with a twist- I draw inspiration from travel, history, fashion, European textiles. 

First piece or item you sold?


Do you have a tried and true creative process? If so, what?

I typically start with a pattern inspiration and from there I hone in on the color palette and work through it until it strikes a balance. Our sampling process is paced so that changes can occur over time. The process is very thoughtful but sometimes the best designs are a series of pleasant surprises. 

One thing you must do every day?

My eyebrows! 

Power statement/personal motto?

Let your home tell a story of who you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going.

Your home’s natural state? (When it’s not being photographed)

Organized chaos! With 4 kids it’s hard to keep it clean for very long but I’m a bit OCD with organizing so I can feel sane despite the constant mess. You can expect pretty pillows and lots of pink and blue. 

All-too-common design mistakes people make?

Hanging pictures too high on the wall. 

In any space you encounter, are you re-designing it in your head?

I have a bad habit of rearranging hotel rooms as soon as I get in them but I actually don’t analyze people's homes as much as people might think! I really appreciate others’ styles so I enjoy experiencing all different tastes. 

Prefer hands-off or hands-on when it comes to client involvement (and why)?

My intention when I created my brand was for it to be global and accessible to all. My customers can essentially style and achieve a CW designed room by using our curated collections. Unfortunately this means that my time is spent on creating and designing much more than a room or house at a time, so I like to think of it more as my hands being in a lot of places, rather than being hands-off. Touching people with our products and being a part of their homes across the world is the most rewarding design work.

Is the “customer always right?”

Not always but my goal is for every customer to feel valued & heard.

How do you walk the tightwire of client expectations and budget? 

My clients come to me for a specific look and while I try to maintain budget there’s always usually a piece de resistance ... something they need or can’t live without having. It’s worth saving where you can, to splurge on the right piece.

Favorite daily role you play?

Best friend- I love having close friends...and I’m always trying to be a best friend because I know that someday my children really will be my best friends. 

Hands down, this is the most stylish place you have ever been to?

Living in Dubai was a very luxe lifestyle, but style-wise I just love a good trip to Bergdorf’s!

You’d erase this one design trend from history?

Big tee shirts and biker shorts (whoops- that’s current! ;)

Most prized possession?

Photos of my children.. and my Pantone deck.  

If you could only wear one color the rest or your life?


Top 3 fave BBS products and why?

Absolutely swear by The Ultimate! The rose facial oil and of course the GloPRO.



To learn more about Caitlin, visit caitlinwilson.com



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