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Long Weekend Travel Tips from BeautyBio’s Founder & CEO

Long Weekend Travel Tips from BeautyBio’s Founder & CEO

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Whenever there’s a long holiday weekend, there’s sure to be some travel plans. Whether it’s to the beach, pool, vacation or to your friend’s & family’s, we want to help you keep your skincare on point during it all. Traveling can wreak havoc on our skin, especially on flights (even short ones!), where the air can dehydrate your skin. That’s why we collected these long weekend travel tips from the master jetsetter herself, Jamie O’Banion, Founder & CEO of BeautyBio. So get ready to pack your bags with travel ready skincare and check out these pointers below!

  • Take our best-selling, multi-acid resurfacing facial pads to-go with our NEW Swipe & Glow 7-pack singles - these pre-soaked single treatments are 3 products in 1, effectively replacing your clarifying toner, resurfacing exfoliant, and hydrating serum with powerful acids AHA, BHA, PHA and clarifying Niacinamide.
  • Apply cult-favorite The Quench nourishing recovery cream before flights to avoid dry out & give skin a boost of radiance!  
  • Outsmart jet-lagged eyes with The Eyelighter Concentrate, our 2-in-1 eye brightening serum and depuffing tool
  • Take a quick snooze en-flight (or while being a passenger prince or princess 💁‍♀️) with Bright Eyes Gels to erase under-eye baggage, reduce puffiness, and renew glow. 
  • On a cross-country or overnight flight? Level up your on-the-go self-care with this silky sleep mask designed to preserve skin’s moisture and keep your skincare in place.
  • No matter if it’s a BBQ party outside or full-blown beach day, try mixing The Perfector with The ZenBubble Gel Cream Moisturizer for that no makeup, makeup look that also protects your skin with SPF 30.
  • Don’t forget your Cryo Roller! This travel-ready essential is perfect to keep in the freezer or mini-fridge to help de-puff after a late night popcorn sesh or that extra glass of wine while OOO. 

We hope you are able to spend your long weekends with friends and family, a little adventure and always-needed R&R. No matter where you go, keep glowing with BeautyBio travel skincare that can fly through TSA as easy as pre-check 😉