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Silk Sleep Mask

Mulberry Silk Overnight Mask

Our Mulberry Silk eye mask keeps skin smooth, hair soft and skincare on your face (not your pillows) - it's the ultimate beauty rest.

    Wear silk sleep mask over a soothing eye treatment (we love Bright Eyes Collagen-Infused Eye Gels) or alone while you sleep for the ultimate relaxation sesh. 

    Natural, hypoallergenic Natural, hypoallergenic fibers help keep skin calm, clear and happy

    Breathable Fabric Breathable fabric creates the ideal temp for a good night's sleep 

    Anti-Crease Anti-crease tech helps preserve skin's moisture and counteract sleep lines 


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    Includes one overnight eye mask. 100% Silk Outer/Polyester & Elastic Inner. Hand Wash With Cold Water Only. Dry Flat. 

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