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All About R45

All About R45

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By now, many of us have heard (and experienced) what retinol can do for our skin. The beauty industry is filled with different types and concentrations, all promising results. How do you sift through the complicated routines, mixed reviews and varying price tags for the hundreds of retinol products out there to find the one that works for YOU? Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated, and honestly who has the time these days? (Not you, girl!) Let us introduce you to the one treatment, twice a year system that is formulated to work for you.

So, what makes our R45 The Reversal the shining star in the retinol sky?? Glad you asked...

R45 Phase 1-3

Not all retinol is created equal.

Is your retinol yellow? If not, your skincare deserves an upgrade! Remember, if it’s not yellow it’s not working. Our award-winning, anti-aging retinol night cream utilizes a patented booster system with our proprietary retinol complex, TriGLO™. Mimicking the skin-smoothing effects of clinical retinol without the harsh side effects. Finally, a retinol every skin type – even sensitive skin – can use. R45 The Reversal is formulated with increasing concentrations to break skincare plateaus giving you maximum results. Our breakthrough formula is designed to give your nighttime routine a retreat with the #R45DayChallenge.

R45 Phase 1-3

Let’s talk routine…

Put away your nighttime skincare and replace your routine for 45 days with R45 The Reversal Retinol Treatment. The routine retreat has 3 phases with each phase lasting two weeks. Each phase contains 50% more retinol than the previous one (more retinol = more results) for a system so powerful, you only have to use it 2x a year!

R45 Benefits

Our 3-phase retinol treatment is clinically proven to reset and restore your skin. Banish breakouts, target fine lines and wrinkles, smooth texture, and even tone in just 45 days!


No worries! Let’s take a look at some of our favorite results…

R45 Day Challenge Results
R45 Day Challenge Results

Join the glommunity with our biggest community event of the year!

Put your nighttime routine on pause and take the #R45DayChallenge to say “buh-bye” to sun spots, acne, and discoloration for make-up optional skin. It’s time for a retinol reset!

R45 The Reversal