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R45 Retinol Treatment}


R45 results are so good, you only need to boost twice a year. Have some problem areas you’d like to target? You can definitely boost more often. When using R45 The Reversal, temporarily press pause on your other nighttime serums, as the treatment will deliver all results without assistance.


One of the best features of R45 is the step-up concentration found in each progressive phase. This patented formula allows your skin to ease into each phase even while using GloPRO®. For extremely sensitive skin types, perform a patch test first before using both R45 and GloPRO® together.

We encourage people to ask “what kind of retinol” instead of “how much”. Our proprietary retinol compound is a blend of retinyl, retinol and a retinoid (all forms of Vitamin A). Concentrations in each phase of R45 The Reversal increase by 50%, so Phase 2 is 50% stronger than Phase 1, and Phase 3 is 100% stronger than Phase 1. The true litmus test of a retinol’s efficacy is color. Retinol in its raw form is yellow, so if it isn’t yellow, it doesn’t contain enough of this key active to work.

Once you’ve completed Phase 3 of R45 The Reversal, we suggest switching over to a retinol-based serum to keep your results glowing strong. Our fave is The Nightly Retinol + Peptide Repair Serum. It maintains results in between R45 boosts.

We advise against using R45 The Reversal while pregnant and nursing because of the high concentration of retinol within the product.

It depends on your age. Ages 30 and under, boost once a year. Ages 30-45 boost twice yearly. 45+ incorporate R45 The Lift into your regular skincare routine. After you complete Phase 3, start over with Phase 1 and cycle through all three phases.

Yes, we suggest following R45 The Lift with a moisturizer to hydrate post-treatment.