#BeautyBioBoss Series: Charlie Price

Charlie Price
Dallas is his chosen home, but this east coast hairdresser traveled and trained with Vidal Sassoon in NY and Canada, worked behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week and with A-list celebs like Cindy Crawford before heading south to open his eponymous Charlie + Co. salon, of which there are now two locations, soon to be four with branches opening in Fort Worth and Austin in 2021.

He is a master with scissors and a genius with color;

clients seek him out for his signature tousled waves, the likes of which two of his most famous clients, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, have been spotted sporting. He embodies the ultimate hairdresser aesthetic, effortlessly cool, inimitable style and perfect, and we mean perfect, curly hair. Whether you know his profession or not, he’s someone you see and think, “I want whatever he’s having.” We couldn’t think of anyone more suited to speak to about scalp health, how to get (and keep) healthy hair, the styling products no man should be without and which city has hands-down the best hair.


Current title/occupation?

Owner, stylist at Charlie + Co.

Hair – when did your love affair begin?

I started working in a barbershop when I was 17.

What’s your daily haircare routine?

My hair care routine is quite simple however proves to be impactful. I only my wash my hair every 2 weeks! Using a cleansing Cream cleanser allows my thick curly hair to be nourished. I rinse my hair every day and allow my natural oils to go to work.

Power statement/personal motto?

When someone asks me how I’m doing I always respond with, “Another Day in Paradise” which lives inside both salons.

You’ve worked with some incredible A-list celebs such as Charlize Theron and Kendall Jenner – who was your first celeb appt and what was that experience like?

I assisted on a photo shoot with Cindy Crawford. It was stressful because I was working with this hairdresser for the first time and I didn’t know it would be with her!

Was there any trepidation in stepping into the celebrity and fashion-week hair realms?

In New York, to be a hair dresser you have to be part of the editorial world. That’s where I learned my love for being behind the chair.

What do you do to develop your team’s skills?

All stylists at Charlie + Co apprentice and train underneath myself. This instills a like-minded work ethic early on.

For any stylists (whether freelance or salon owners), how do you know when it’s time to raise your rate?

When your time is worth more than your rate. For example, if 75% of my time is accounted for, a 25% increase is implored.

What is your best advice for a scaling stylist now that Instagram is so saturated and the algorithm has changed?

The best way to scale any stylist is by the client in their chair. Word of mouth has no algorithm.

There’s a huge industry conversation happening that’s focusing on scalp health - do you see a correlation between scalp health and hair health?

Shampooing hair 2 times a week is plenty. When conditioning hair, pull hair into a ponytail in the shower, and just condition the ends, conditioner will just build up on the scalp. Using a scalp scrub for exfoliation also removes build up that dry shampoo and products leave behind.

What are the most common issues you see when investigating your client’s scalps?

Product build up.

What advice would you give someone who is struggling with scalp and hair health?

As much as a healthy scalp promotes healthy hair. Hairdressers are the key component to hair health. Sometimes you have to give your hair a break from the stress of hot tools, over hi-lighting and eliminating dry brittle ends. I end up losing a lot of clients because I put them in Blonde Rehab because their hair is far too stressed.

How do you see microneedling playing a role in encouraging hair growth?

Micro-needling has proven to be one of the most effective techniques to amp up collagen and blood flow to the scalp to stimulate hair density. This used to be a process that was done by a dermatologist, now this process can be done a couple times a week on a clean buildup free scalp at home.

Hair products no man should be without?

An anti-humectant stylist cream, pomade stylist cream, or paste.

To have bangs or not have bangs, that is the quarantine question – care to take a side?

Bangs... bangs are an awesome change.

Most common hair mistake people make?

Washing their hair too much

What city has the best hair?

Venice Beach, California. Because beachy surfer hair never goes out of style.

Anything special you’re working on?

We are working on another location in Fort Worth as well as an Austin location (coming 2021).

To learn more about Charlie Price visit instagram:  @hairbycharlie


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