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Skincare 101

Skincare 101: A Guide to Treating & Preventing Breakouts

Skincare 101: A Guide to Treating & Preventing Breakouts

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Effectively treating and preventing breakouts of acne is Skincare 101 and it goes way beyond dermatologist visits. Pore-cleansing tools, light-based therapies, and gentle, clean products are the essential components for achieving smooth, clear skin from the comfort of your home. Of course, consistency is key. Regularly incorporating these innovative tools and products into your skincare routine can help minimize acne, ensuring your skin stays consistently healthy and clean year round. 


Cleanse & Clarify On-the-Go with GLOPRO® Skin Prep Pads: If you’re looking for convenience, these alcohol-free pads gently clarify, cleanse and condition skin in one simple swipe. Gentle enough to be used on the face, lips, neck and body without stripping the skin.

Instantly Clarify & Exfoliate with Exfoliating Body Wipes: Exfoliating body wipes help diminish breakouts while instantly clarifying skin at home or on-the-go. Immediately eliminates harmful bacteria on the skin, including P. bacteria that causes acne while promoting exfoliation and hydration. 

Cleanse with The Balance pH Balancing Cleanser: Keep your skin clean. Whether or not you have acne, washing your face twice daily is vital to remove makeup and impurities. This all-in-one gel facial cleanser removes makeup and balances skin’s pH without stripping the skin’s natural moisture levels. 

Clean your pores with GLOfacial Pore Cleansing Facial Tool: The pore cleansing, deep hydration, facial treatment tool unclogs pores and exfoliates dead skin cells while removing dirt, oil, blackheads and makeup residue from pores helping them appear smaller while resurfacing texture & infusing skin with clarifying Salicylic and plumping Hyaluronic Acid.

  • Take advantage of Blue Light Tech with The GLOfacial Clarifying Cap: Treat your skin with LED Light Treatments offering great results, using blue light wavelengths to penetrate the skin while killing acne-causing bacteria. We recommend spot treating for two minutes.

FYI Beware of Purging Acne

Introducing treatments and exfoliants can sometimes lead to the dreaded acne purge, which can be intimidating. However, skin purging is a sign that your skincare products are working effectively. While you may witness promising results and the disappearance of existing pimples, you might experience breakouts a few days later (which is totally normal!) The good news is that this phase doesn’t last forever. Be patient and trust the process as your skin reveals everything hiding beneath the surface - meaning your skin is getting rid of bacteria that causes spots/breakouts, pushing everything to the surface to speed up skin’s recovery.