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Body Sculpting at Home

Body Sculpting at Home

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Body sculpting doesn’t have to break the bank or involve cosmetic procedures. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not ashamed of a few bumps, lumps, or cellulite… and you shouldn’t be either. But, for anyone trying to learn how to do body sculpting at home in order to seek smoother, firmer skin, we’ve cracked the code.

As you may know by now, microneedling has gained popularity for its impressive results (see the B&A below, the images really do speak for themselves!). This non-invasive procedure stimulates the body’s natural healing process by boosting collagen and elasticity, promoting transformative benefits after continuous use.  

Better news yet, the GloPRO® microneedling tool delivers pro-grade results from the comfort of home. Although it may seem intimidating, it’s actually painless, and what sets this tool apart from the rest is its cutting-edge technology that pairs microneedling with LED red light therapy, which promotes collagen production increasing cellular turnover. By rolling 60 seconds a day, you’ll experience firmer skin, tighter pores and smoother texture.

With the innovative GloPRO® Body Microtip, a body contouring device for at home, you can now extend these benefits to the rest of your body, targeting stretch marks and dimples. This attachment head was specifically designed to help smooth stubborn body dimpling on the back of thighs, buttocks, under-arms as well as tiger stripes so that skin looks firmer and in turn the markings less apparent.

For maximum lifting and firming benefits, we recommend lathering in The Sculptor body cream immediately after rolling through your areas of concern. This is the perfect complement to a two-step experience of body sculpting at home; the cream features smoothing proprietary LipoCare technology and skin-tightening caffeine designed to break down fatty acids and nourish dry skin, with the ultimate goal of helping you achieve silky-smooth skin.

Your path to body confidence starts here - say goodbye to unwanted dimpling and hello to a more confident you with our game-changing tools and topicals for body contouring at home.


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