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#BlushCrush: Pyper America

#BlushCrush: Pyper America

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April’s Blush Crush is none other than model, artist, and self-proclaimed questioner - Pyper America. You’ve seen her in Vogue, walking the runways for Dolce & Gabbana and Moschino (to name a few), or playing bass with her siblings in their alternative rock band. Whatever her creative pursuit, @pyperamerica isn’t afraid to step outside her comfort zone. Read more below about this baddie.

Current title and occupation?

Model, artist, questioner.

What inspired your current path? 

The natural flow of my spirit. I feel that I am where I am because I have followed my bubbling intuition and I’m really happy with the path I’m on.

Do you have a power statement or personal motto? 

Risk it for the biscuit! For me that means growth and excitement is right outside the comfort zone.

You've done some amazing modeling in both fashion and beauty with some of the most well known brands, which is any model and influencer's dream (It's the dream for those of us at home in PJs TBH). How did you find those opportunities, or did they find you?

Yes! It’s been a wild ride and I’m very grateful. I feel like most opportunities have found me but the reality is, I have had a big team of people since I was 15 finding and creating job opportunities for me and connecting me with different brands and companies. It’s within the last couple of years that I have realized how important it is to be a team player.

Between all of your many talents and accomplishments (musician, walking in runway shows, editorial modeling, etc.) which has been the most exciting for you? 

The most exciting part has always been the performance at any of those venues. I thrive in a setting that promotes improvisation. Not knowing what will come out is thrilling.

When you accept a new job/project, what's the first thing you do?

I immediately begin to visualize the event. I have a strong imagination and lately it feels a bit clairvoyant.

Is there a job, project, opportunity or experience that sticks out as the most fun? Most rewarding? Was there ever an "I made it" moment?

Maybe when I played bass at Coachella with my siblings. That was wild! I’m so grateful we got to do that.

You've often had the opportunity to work very closely with your siblings. What has this meant for you and your relationships?

We’ve had very high highs and very deep lows. When I spend time with them, or even think about them, it feels like we are still one. With sharing DNA and having experienced some extreme things together, I feel we are very emotionally or spiritually attached in a unique way. Even though we all live apart and are building our own worlds, there’s a string that keeps us all together.

Self care hacks? (In whatever form self-care means for you) 

I’ve always loved a face mask and hot, salty bath. On an other side of the spectrum, I have found building self trust vital to my confidence and inner happiness. My activities that build self trust include, listening to my body’s needs and following through, practicing control over my swirling thoughts and doing my best to keep my word with others.

How did your "Beverly Hills Mom" persona come to life?

I was hanging with a photographer friend in my family’s old apartment in Hollywood and he was directing me to improvise different characters. He said, ‘pretend to be a Beverly Hills mom’ and she was born.

Favorite beauty trend that's having a moment?

I perceive ‘clean’ and ‘sustainable’ beauty as a trend and I hope it doesn’t go away.

What is a piece of advice you would give your 12 year old self?

I would tell my 12 year old self not to compare myself to anyone, including my sisters. To dive into my uniqueness. Fitting in is an optical illusion.

Did you always know you wanted to get married young?

No! I used to make fun of those that do. But I find it true, that when you know - you know.

Best marriage advice you've ever received?

This advice came very indirectly and I’ve twisted it from the original exemplar…. it is: Love your enemy. Haha! Those words actually come from the Bible and I previously couldn’t fathom it. I also couldn’t fathom those projections from jaded adults who spoke about a day of not completely adoring every cell of my husband, but that day came haha and that advice came in painfully handy. Doing ‘good​ to them that ​​​hate​ you’ threw a wrench right into a sad fight and a sincere apology followed so quickly I almost couldn’t keep up.

What is next for Pyper America?

I’m developing a podcast show and I’m very excited because it’s a new platform for me! I’m used to my face being the feature so to put my thoughts and words in the spotlight will be a fun challenge!

Fave BeautyBio product?

There’s nothing more satisfying than Glass & Gloss. Exfoliation is key for me and the Gloss step really takes it up 10 notches. It’s supreme. But also, I would be sad to not mention how much I love The Pout. BeautyBio just performs honey!!!

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