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#BlushCrush: Lindsi Lane

#BlushCrush: Lindsi Lane

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For our inaugural Blush Crush, we are featuring Lindsi Lane - the fashion stylist turned online personality behind @lindsilanestyle. Before building her namesake brand, she held roles at Gucci and Michael Kors. Later, she segued into styling at Elle magazine.
She has appeared as a lifestyle expert on national morning shows & been featured in the New York Times, Refinery29 and has collaborated with brands from Vogue to Louis Vuitton. She often works with various non-profits in her downtime. These are just a few of the reasons we're crushing on Lindsi. Read more below.
Current title and occupation?

Founder and Designer of Lindsi Lane

One thing you do every morning to start your day? 

A thorough morning skincare routine. It really sets the tone for the day and makes me feel “put together”. Anything for us mamas to feel that!

Do you have a power statement or personal motto? 

Rejection is God’s way of saying wrong direction.

Best career advice you’ve ever received?

You are the only one standing in your way.

Best life advice you’ve ever received? 

If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

The 2 most important things you would tell your 18 year old self? 

Don’t be scared to spread your wings and there is no such thing as failure.

City or sand? 

As much as I love a city, I live for a beach. Give me a cocktail in hand and a sick bikini on my body and I’m sold!

Proudest career moment yet? 

There is so much that I am proud of, but I think launching my own clothing line takes the cake. It was/is the most challenging, yet gratifying endeavor I have ever taken on.

Your favorite beauty trend that’s having a moment? 

Over lining my lips with lip liner! Yes, ladies! It’s not filler right now… just liner! ;)

Did you always want to do what you’re doing right now? 

I knew I would always be in fashion but not to this extent. I am proud of my journey and where I am right now. As women, we have to take time to celebrate even our smallest wins. They count in the bigger picture. 

Fave BeautyBio product?


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