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DRAFT Why you need to start using a Rose Quartz Roller

Why you need to start using a Rose Quartz Roller

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Regardless of where you were first introduced to facial rollers, beauty insiders have been touting their miraculous benefits for years.  In fact, facial rollers have been around since the early 17th century. The Chinese believed these rollers helped promote overall health and wellbeing. Believed to have properties that can help remove toxins, contour the skin, diminish pores, eliminate puffiness, and even bring an overall sense of love and healing to the body, rose quartz facial rollers in particular are enjoying increased popularity.  If you haven’t jumped on the facial roller train, now is definitely the time. Maybe you still have some questions about what a rose quartz roller is, and what it can actually do.  We’re here to help and answer all your rose quartz roller questions.  


Rose Quartz Facial Roller


What is a Rose Quartz Face Roller?

A rose quartz roller is a type of facial roller that contains a rose quartz crystal. The roller is shaped kind of like a small rolling pin with a handle.  The rollers are often dual ended with a wider side (meant for the body) and a narrower side (meant for the face and eyes). To use the roller, you simply roll it over your face and neck (more on this later). PRO TIP: Make sure your roller is authentic. Unless you’re using a genuine rose quartz crystal roller, you’re missing the benefits (just check the manufacturing details as some rollers are made of glass or plastic). BeautyBio’s Rose Quartz Roller is 100% pure Brazilian rose quartz. This means you get all the benefits of rose quartz and nothing else.  


Can a Rose Quartz Roller Really Help My Skin “Detoxify?”

The truth is, using a rose quartz roller really does promote skin detoxification, it’s not a myth. Our skin is already in a constant state of detox thanks to our lymphatic system, The lymphatic system is always working to remove toxins and replace them with restorative white blood cells that heal infections, repair damaged skin cells, and decrease inflammation.  Our faces and necks are full of lymph nodes (in our cheeks, around the nose, on our chin and jawline), and these lymph nodes are where our lymphatic system goes to work. Using a rose quartz roller to massage these lymph nodes stimulates them and increases their productivity, which is why you’ll usually notice an immediate difference in swelling and puffiness, especially under the eyes, and an overall more contoured and awake appearance. 


Dual Ended Rose Quartz Facial Roller


What About Skin Elasticity? Can a Rose Quartz Roller Actually Make my Skin Feel Firmer?

    Without a doubt.  In fact, many users claim their skin not only feels firmer, but looks more taut and youthful.  How does it work? Think of it like giving your skin a much-needed massage. One of the major benefits of facial massage therapy is increased circulation.  Improved circulation means more blood flow to the skin. When your skin’s blood circulation improves, more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the cells, helping them work at peak performance.  When skin cells are full of oxygen and nutrients, skin appears firmer, healthier. Rose quartz in particular is also thought to contain essential minerals your skin cells can use on a topical level to assist with proper cell function.  


    How Does a Rose Quartz Roller Help With Product Distribution?

    Of all the benefits of the rose quartz roller, this one might just be your favorite.  You already love your skin creams and serums for their anti-aging, protective, and rejuvenating benefits.  However, you probably aren’t getting their full benefits if you aren’t using them with a facial roller.  We’ve already talked about how using a rose quartz roller stimulates the lymphatic system to move away toxins and reduce inflammation.  We know that using the roller increases circulation and brings more blood flow to the cells in the face. But working congruently with these benefits is the increased ability your skin has under these conditions to absorb your favorite products deeper and use them more effectively.  Applying a serum like The Radiance Rosehip Seed Facial Oil all over the face and neck area and massaging it in with the Rose Quartz Contouring + De-Puffing Facial Roller not only delivers restorative rosehip seed extract to the skin cells but gives the skin an instant boost of radiance and luminosity.   


    I’m Sold…But How Do You Use a Rose Quartz Roller?

    It’s so simple, and it’s completely safe.  In fact, you can use your rose quartz face roller both AM and PM to achieve maximum benefits.  After washing your face and patting it dry, apply a small amount of your favorite serum or oil all over your face and neck.  Next, use outward (never inward) strokes with your rose quartz roller all over your face and neck. Sweep the roller upward and outward toward the hairline when rolling your forehead, cheekbones, and neck.  Use the smaller end of the rose quartz roller under the eyes, in an outward motion. Some experts even recommend using the roller for five minutes at a time so that maximum massage and stimulation occur.  Once you’ve finished rolling, clean your facial roller with a mild cleanser and water and pat it dry. PRO TIP: Try chilling the roller overnight in the fridge for an even more exhilarating morning massage.  Rose quartz is a naturally cool stone that doesn’t warm on contact, so chilling it overnight can make your morning facial rolling experience even more enjoyable and help skin appear more awake.   

    How to Use Rose Quartz Facial Roller

    Rose quartz rollers can be your skin’s new best friend.  They’re an all-natural, completely holistic way to give your skin an instant boost.  Able to stimulate lymphatic drainage, boost circulation and improve blood flow to the skin cells, reduce appearance of puffiness and inflammation, using a rose quartz roller in your beauty tool arsenal means you’re also getting the maximum benefits of any beauty serum or oil you use alongside it.  A rose quartz roller can assist in delivering your favorite products evenly and more effectively, allowing for deeper product penetration and absorption. It’s important to make sure the rose quartz roller you choose is authentic. Rose quartz contains minerals that can be used by your skin to help promote overall skin health and wellness. Adding a rose quartz roller to your morning and evening skincare routine will give you noticeable benefits on which you’ll instantly be hooked.