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Four Secrets to Using a Lip Plumper Device

Four Secrets to Using a Lip Plumper Device

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As a culture, we’ve been obsessed with lips since the early 1900s. Lipstick as we know it today – totable and tube sized – became commercially available in the early 1920s. Prior to that, women were applying homemade lip-enhancing concoctions to plump their pout.  In the early 1990s, cosmetic companies began releasing glosses and lip colors that promised to plump lips and create a fuller, wider look. By the early 2000s, lip augmentation was in full swing, and women from every demographic and cultural background were saving their hard-earned money for lip injections to increase the size of their pout. 

As with any cosmetic procedure though, the final result doesn’t come with a guarantee, and risks are involved. From allergic reactions to inexperienced practitioners to consumers who really just don’t know when to say when, lip injections are a double-edged sword. Still, pop culture, social media and reality TV daily sell us on bigger = better. The good news is fuller-looking lips are achievable at home, and the process is completely natural, painless and won’t leave you looking like Goldie Hawn’s injection-addicted character in “The First Wives Club.” All you need is a great lip plumper tool, an incredible lip serum, and 60 seconds per day.  


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What is a Lip Plumper Device?

A lip plumper device is an at-home tool used to create fuller lips without fillers or silicone implants; the overall result is achieved painlessly and in the privacy of your own home.  There are a variety of lip plumping devices available on the market, but we’re not willing to succumb the delicate skin on our lips to just any promising tech. Our vote is for the more non-invasive route via microneedling, a way to build volume instantly and over time for plumpness that lasts. Microneedling creates tiny, invisible micro-injuries in skin that trigger the skin’s heal-and-restore response.  When this happens, skin cells kick into overdrive producing collagen and elastin. Skin that produces more collagen and elastin looks fuller, healthier, firmer and more supple. When targeting the lips, microneedling not only delivers a fuller, more defined pout, but the surrounding skin becomes smoother and any visible feathering or lines are reduced. Want to know more? Here are our four secrets to using a lip plumper tool at home.


Invest in a Great Device

First off, you need the right lip plumper tool. Just like you wouldn’t send in your razor to do the job of a brow trimmer, it’s crucial to use a tool specifically designed to accommodate the unique skin density of the lips. The GloPRO Lip Attachment is the best lip plumper device and is specifically designed to treat delicate lip membranes and the surrounding skin area.  The tiny needles contained on the roller are small enough to be completely painless during use yet strong enough to deliver drastic results. As with any GloPRO device, you’ll never experience bleeding or bruising like you would with most in-office microneedling sessions (because they use longer needles).  The GloPRO Lip Attachment is compact and encased in silicone bumpers so that you never have to worry about collisions with teeth or gums while you’re microneedling. Treating the fragile area of the lips has never been more goof proof. No other lip plumper device on the market can boast this level of patent-backed safety and effectiveness. You’ll also love that investing in a lip plumper device for use at home costs a fraction of what you would pay for even a single in-office injection or treatment.


Roll the Right Way

How you roll your lips with your microneedling tool matters. So, the question is how to use a lip plumper tool for the best results. First, start with clean, product-free lips. You can use a mild lip exfoliator or mask product prior to use. Next, use your lip plumper device in a rolling motion across all planes of direction: vertical, horizontal and diagonal. Focus the microneedling treatment on both upper and lower lip as well as the skin surrounding your mouth. Treat for a total of 60 seconds. PRO TIP: Don’t apply pressure when using GloPRO, just let the weight of the tool work its magic. Treat at least 3x a week for results, but the lip plumper tool may be used daily in the morning or evening.



The Pout


Supercharge Your Routine with a Lip Plumping Serum

The lip plumper tool is already delivering naturally fuller-looking lips but adding a volumizing serum to the routine enhances the dramatic results. When you apply a lip plumping serum after a microneedling treatment, the micro-channels act like instant messengers, delivering the serum’s ingredients to the cells for deeper absorption and supercharged efficacy. Lip volumizing serums are designed to increase blood flow to the lips, helping them instantly appear more colorful and plumper, ideally this is achieved painlessly, but the ingredients in most commercial volumizers are a departure from everyday lip balms. A painless and effective lip serum will contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid and collagen. Hyaluronic acid works like a vacuum for your skin cells, sucking up water and retaining it within the cell walls to ensure cells function properly and are fully hydrated.  Fully hydrated cells mean fuller, smoother lips. Collagen helps skin maintain its elasticity and works to fill in fine lines and wrinkles that can cause your lips to appear smaller and more drawn.  


Use Your Lip Plumper Tool at Night

You can microneedle lips any time of day, as part of your morning or evening skincare routines, or right before going out to give lips some extra oomph underneath your favorite lipstick. It’s normal to experience light, localized skin flushing on the treated area and, for lips, this is usually a desirable side effect. Because skin goes to work repairing damage during our sleep cycle, we advise treating lips before bedtime (in addition to any other times during the day you want to add some plump to your pout) to capitalize on this natural rejuvenation process. You’ll awaken to smoother, noticeably fuller-looking lips after just one sleep.

While there are many different options available to deliver the pout you’ve always wanted, you don’t have to go to extremes to get extreme results.  You can achieve fuller, healthier-looking lips without injections, implants or scary devices. All you need is a great lip plumper tool, an incredible lip serum and some clear instructions.  Getting fuller lips is as simple as microneedling them for 60 seconds a day. Microneedling at home is safe, painless and produces results that are noticeable and dramatic without being over the top and unnatural.  You can get even more dramatic results by applying a lip serum after you microneedle to give your skin cells more moisture and better ingredients for creating new, healthier skin tissue. Achieving fuller lips isn’t limited to your practitioner’s office; you can get great results in the privacy of your own home, with zero downtime using a patented lip plumping tool.   


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