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Why Scalp Microneedling Helps Hair Loss

Why Scalp Microneedling Helps Hair Loss

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Who has time for in-office appointments anymore? Not us. Which is why we created the patented, award-winning GloPRO® Microneedling Tool, so that we can achieve pro-level results, that include brighter, firmer, healthier-looking skin, from the comfort of home. 

But results don’t have to stop at our hairline. Many, if not all people during their lifetime, suffer hair loss, breakage, thinning, patchiness and hairline recessions due to any combination of aging, stress, lifestyle, genetics or major life events like pregnancy. But how do we regrow healthy, shiny, fuller hair without sacrificing time, budget or comfort?  

If microneedling works on our faces and bodies, shouldn’t the same logic be applied to our scalps? As Women’s Health writer Chelsea Traber Burns asked, “While Botox can help wrinkles and makeup can create other skin magic, hair loss or thinning doesn’t have as quick a solve. Or…does it?”

Meet the future of hair regrowth – at-home scalp microneedling for fuller, thicker hair (and more of it). Similarly to the benefits microneedling achieves on our facial and body skin, scalp microneedling replicates that experience on an often-over-looked area that requires just as much care as the rest of our skin.  After all, scalp skin is skin. 

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First, let's revisit microneedling, what it is and how it benefits the skin.

Microneedling is the process of using needles to lightly and invisibly penetrate the skin in order to stimulate a natural regenerative process and promote cellular turnover to create new, bouncy skin cells. When needles glide over the skin, they cause tiny micro-injuries, igniting the skin cells to produce new structural proteins, such as collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans, which form the structural matrix that keeps skin tough, taut and flexible. This helps to provide your skin with improved access to oxygen and nutrients, meaning cell volume is restored from the inside out making skin look plumper and younger. 

It’s the same science behind a papercut, our skin regenerates to create new, bouncy skin until the paper cut disappears. Therefore, each time we microneedle, we’re stimulating skin’s natural healing response. New skin is likely to be more radiant, bouncy and younger-looking. It’s basically the closest we can get to rewinding the clock without invasive surgery. 


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So how does this translate to our scalps?

Our scalps have a lower barrier function than the rest of our bodily skin, which means it’s less able to naturally hold hydration. This lower-functioning barrier creates a unique skin environment that’s more prone to problems like dryness, itchiness and oiliness. 

On top of that, our scalps contain thousands of follicles that accumulate sebum buildup that’s often further exacerbated by too aggressively, or too gently, shampooing our hair. The combination of clogged follicles, irritation, dryness and oiliness can result in breakage and dormant hair follicles that hibernate under an unbalanced scalp. 


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Microneedling the scalp helps break up the stagnant sub-dermal tissue and surface-level gunk. It frees the way for oxygen to reach skin cells, helps break up clogged follicles – targeting the root of the problem – and improves microcirculation to reduce itchiness and redness.  

Scalp microneedling also improves the absorption of any scalp care topicals. The tiny needles create painless and imperceptible pathways in the skin that allow skincare to absorb more deeply rather than stopping at the epidermal layer. We recommend microneedling 2-3x a week minimum for maximum results and immediately applying targeted skincare, like our Healthy Scalp Serum, right after a GloPRO® session. Topicals can absorb more deeply into skin, helping to rebalance the nutrient and hydration levels our scalps require in order to become the ideal environment for healthy hair, and dormant hair follicles to thrive.

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The best part? You can microneedle your scalp from the comfort of home and avoid the expense and downtime of potentially risky in-office procedures. With multiple clinical trials over the past decade, microneedling has been shown to be quite effective in managing a range of dermatological conditions. Their consensus has been that microneedling is the safe beauty trend that keeps on giving. As with any needle-based device, if you have any skin ailment histories or highly sensitive skin, consult your dermatologist before regular use or perform a patch test on an area of skin before using all over your body.  

Scalp Results:

Scalp Before and After Increased Hair Fullness