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The Web’s Most Searched Beauty Trends from 2020-Now

The Web’s Most Searched Beauty Trends from 2020-Now

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The year-that-shall-not-be-named threw life as we knew it out of whack and our daily routines with it. Even questions surrounding our beauty products and protocols came into question as doctor offices closed and esthetician-administered facials and invasive procedures were put on pause. Not only was access to cosmetic treatments interrupted, but new complexion concerns arose as things like reusable cloth masks made their way into our new norm. Some skin issues dominated Google’s search bar while others experienced mere moments in the spotlight – what follows is our roundup of some of the most searched skincare and beauty trends from 2020-now that are showing zero signs of slowing down.


+55% search increase for hair growth serums (Spate) 

BeautyBio Scalp Tool and Serum

Our power duo is changing the haircare game with a patented system that creates fuller, thicker hair. Clinically proven to improve hair density in just 12 weeks, pair our Healthy Scalp Serum with the GloPRO® Scalp Tool for 50% improvement in volume. GloPRO® Scalp Tool’s cushion-flex design gently hugs the natural contours of the scalp for comfortable, targeted stimulation treatments with zero tugging or breakage; follow with our nutrient-rich Healthy Scalp Serum that improves hair density, dissolves damaging product buildup, helps reduce itchiness, regulates oil production and banishes flaking after one application. 


Searches for how to target everything from marionette lines to nasolabial folds has steadily increased (Google Trends) 

GloPRO Microneedling Tool 

GloPRO® is the world’s only patented at-home microneedling tool – skip the doctor’s office and get firmer, smoother skin in just 60 sec/day. At-home facial microneedling with GloPRO® helps refine areas of uneven texture, tighten the appearance of enlarged pores, fade the look of fine lines and wrinkles, diminish visibly uneven skin tone and maximize topical skincare performance with zero downtime.


“Retinol face cream” searches increased by 50% (Google Trends) 


Our patented retinol boost gently resurfaces skin in 3 phases, each with a higher concentration of our proprietary retinol complex, TriGLO®, that heightens the proven results of vitamin A to help correct and prevent fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores and uneven skin tone and texture—in just 45 days.


Otherwise known as “maskne” - searches for this and breakouts in general have skyrocketed (Google Trends) 


Immediate oil control delivered via nutrient-rich marine actives that tighten pores, reduce breakouts and calm skin. The ZenBubble creates a 360° skin shield protecting us from daily external aggressors that cause skin aging, plus its unique gel cream formula expands on application with a cooling sensation even the most irritated complexions will love.


February’s snowmageddon was the coldest 3-day stretch on record in North Texas history (BeautyBio HQ is in Dallas) 

The Quench Cream

Our #1 cream is clinically proven to visibly repair skin after one use - perfect for dry skin, dry climates, long flights and after beauty treatments. This intensely nourishing facial cream rebuilds skin’s protective barrier to lock in hydration and radiance for better performance and bounce back – whatever the weather.