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What is eyelighting?

What is Eyelighting?

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This product is your eye primer, depuffer & brightener in one.

After spending so much time at home in front of our screens and on TikTok, the realities of bad lighting have been made all too evident. So, even though drastic makeup looks took a backseat (for a hot minute, now they’re back), there’s one thing we’ve all been running to grab, which is anything that’ll make under-eye brightening easier.

After the age of 18, our skin starts to naturally thin as collagen production slows down by 1% every year. The delicate skin under and around our eyes is the thinnest anywhere on the body the tissues underneath start to relax, which is why it’s so quick to appear hollow, dark and dull. Translation: Ring light or not, under-eye skin needs all the skincare TLC it can get.  

But our smoothing, brightening, depuffing and daily please-help-me-look-awake efforts aren’t for a lack of trying. The industry is full of serums, concealers, primers, color correctors and targeted eye tools, all with the goal of either encouraging collagen production, masking any tone or volume unevenness, or under-eye brightening.

We, as in the universal “we,” love what highlighting has done for our hair, our cheek bones and bodies, so why not our eyes? What if everything we love about the best eye care treatments was combined into one with the added benefit of a natural-looking highlight? 

 Introducing, eyelighting. 


 Alexa, cue “It’s a Whole New World.” Our new Eyelighter Concentrate is a 2-in-1 priming, brightening and smoothing serum that glides out through a cooling, contoured metal applicator tip designed to instantly reduce puffiness. 

 Basically, it’s the multi-tasking hero your bare skin and makeup will love. Plant-powered retinol smooths and firms skin’s appearance without the harsh side effects of traditional vitamin A like dryness, irritation, redness or sensitivity. One-up that with acid-free vitamin C, our gentle, non-irritating form of this brightening ingredient that helps diminish discoloration, repel free radicals and rewind dullness, and you’ve got an under-eye vitamin cocktail that actually works. 

Hyaluronic Acid helps naturally restore volume and boost skin’s moisture levels to encourage a healthy glow, buh bye dullness. And Vegan Squalane works to strengthen skin’s protective barrier to prevent moisture loss. The best part is results are instantly visible with color-correcting luminizers that help neutralize dark circles on all skin tones and crosslinked jojoba that creates a creaseless surface (this is your primer, folks) for smooth makeup application.  

 Eyelighter Concentrate


General rule of thumb, pump and glide the concentrate using the cooling metal applicator. Then gently tap product with your fingertip to blend in for a smooth finish.  

In the AM:

Step 1. Clean skin with The Balance.
Step 2. Apply The Eyelighter Serum to under eyes.
Step 3. Apply The Daily Serum to face.
Step 4. Apply your fave moisturizer, we suggest our other multi-tasking hero, The ZenBubble Gel Cream.
Step 5. Apply any makeup as desired.

In the PM:

Step 1. Clean skin with The Balance.
Step 2. Apply The Eyelighter Serum to under eyes.
Step 3. Apply The Nightly Serum to face.
Step 4: Apply a slightly thicker cream at night, we suggest The Quench Cream, to help rebuild skin’s barrier.

The Eyelighter Eye Serum

The best part is that benefits are instant and long term and not just a quick fix like most other under-eye solutions on the market. A depuffing, luminizing color-corrector with benefits that don’t wash away when we clean our face at night? Yes, please.