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6 Essentials For Your College Survival Kit

6 Essentials For Your College Survival Kit

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Heading back to campus? We’ve got you covered. We know move-in season can be overwhelming - to make your life easier, we carefully handpicked some of our favorite tools and skincare essentials we know will help you stay on top of your selfcare game while seamlessly transitioning into your new space. Take it as big sister advice - while your twin XL bed sheets and shower caddies are a must, so are these game-changers that will keep you feeling refreshed and ready to conquer your college journey (yes, even those dreaded 8am lectures/classes). 

1. BeautyBio x Riki Loves Riki GLO Set

Dorm rooms aren’t known for their good lighting, and yours probably won’t be the exception. Before you sprint to your next lecture with half-blended foundation or a toothpaste smudge, make sure to check yourself out with our GLO Set featuring the TikTok viral Riki Skinny LED & Bluetooth Mirror from Riki Loves Riki and our GLOfacial Tool. This limited-edition bundle will turn your space into a makeshift glam room to ensure smooth skin and flawless makeup application. Plus, the magnetic phone and mirror attachments will come in clutch for those flawless/glam selfie moments and “get ready with me/GRWM” videos.

2. Bright Eyes - 

Pulled an all-nighter? We know exam season and early wake-up calls can get tough - especially for your under eye circles. But don’t fret, this quick beauty hack is our best kept secret for banishing those under-eye shadows. Bright eyes will help you look refreshed even when running on two shots of espresso and four hours of sleep. 

3. Silk Sleep Mask

Don’t let your roommate’s late night study sessions interrupt your beauty sleep. Get the rest you deserve with the help of this silky-smooth sleep mask delivering anti-aging benefits with its non-absorbent fabric. Plus, it will help your skincare products stay in place, and not on your pillow. 

4. ZenBubble Bi-Phase Toner Serum -

While you procrastinate on your assignments (don’t worry, we won’t tell), keep your skincare routine simple. This must-have multitasking formula combines the benefits of both, a pro-grade toner and a powerhouse serum to achieve a dewy complexion.

5. Frigidaire Mini Fridge - 

Campus dining isn’t open 24/7 - and let’s be honest, we’ve all been hit by those midnight munchies and random craving. Avoid being hangry and stock your mini fridge with your fave snacks and go-to drinks, or if you are skincare obsessed like us, store your must-have products to maximize results.

6. ZenBubble Gel Cream + Eyelighter Concentrate -

There’s no doubt there will be lots of events you’re going to get glammed up for - whether it's formals, homecoming, or girls night out. The ZenBubble Gel Cream + Eyelighter Concentrate duo doubles up as makeup primers - not only will you get a smooth makeup application, but you’ll also be taking advantage of healthy skin backed by clinically proven results.