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Trend Report: The Top Skin Trends of 2022

Trend Report: The Top Skin Trends of 2022

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Let's talk about what's trending in the world of beauty. According to trend reports, this year has been all about simplified routines, results-driven products, and healthy skin. Beauty consumers are looking for the best ways to combine what they want and need with effective products and revolutionary treatments that work smarter, not harder. 

We did some digging and below are the hottest trends impacting the beauty, cosmetics, and skincare industries in 2022 and beyond.


The popularity of facial-rolling tools has grown tremendously over the past few years & have become a staple in every skintellect's routine. These go-to gadgets gently massage the face & stimulate lymphatic drainage to de-puff, ease tension, and increase blood flow. There are several skin rolling tools on the market & all of them have amazing benefits. 

You have cryo rollers, which harness the power of ice-cold temperatures working to stimulate collagen production, tighten pores & detoxify the skin. Stone rollers, such as Rose Quartz & Jade, are naturally cool to the touch & reduce surface inflammation. You can see the sculpting effects of face rolling almost instantly, as it reduces puffiness. Keep your skincare routine on a roll by using your face roller for 5 minutes every day to immediately boost your glow. 

BeautyBio Insider Tip: Store your roller in the fridge or freezer and leave out for a couple minutes before rolling for an intensified sculpting and de-puffing morning.

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No matter your skin tone or type, you should be using a daily SPF to protect your glow against sun damage which causes dark spots, fine lines & wrinkles, and enlarged pores. As skincare education has grown, the interest in sun protection has become more popular and tinted SPFs have become every beauty lover's new BFF. This multitasking must-have offers UV & Blue Light protection while providing an immediate filter-finish for a sheer, perfected look. With simplified routines being on the rise after 2020, tinted SPFs are having a moment with no chance of this trend slowing down. Add this skincare fave to your routine & say hello to make-up-optional skin with a smooth, healthy, glowing complexion. 

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Hair loss solutions have been driving the hair care market this year. According to recent research, more than 50% of women are dealing with hair loss caused by factors such as stress, hormonal changes, medications, and hair products that irritate the scalp. Consumers are also learning about how important a healthy scalp is to the quality of your hair. Scalp is skin, so treating your scalp like you would treat your face has become more popular and skincare brands are taking notice. With the rise of clean beauty, there is also a rise of clean hair care products to continue to boost growth potential and reduce buildup, regulate oil and banish flaking.

If you are looking for products that restore scalp health while stimulating the hair growth cycle, our award-winning scalp and hair care collection offers clean, cruelty-free formulas that deliver mind-blowing results. 

Ready to take your hair care to the next level and say hello to stronger, healthier locks?

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The Hydration Facial is a 3-step, in-office facial treatment that offers a next-level deep-clean. This non-invasive resurfacing treatment targets multiple skin concerns and delivers painless extractions while exfoliating & infusing the skin with a hydrating serum. 

The treatment starts by cleansing & gently exfoliating the skin, removing dead skin and excess oil. Next, a painless suction is used to essentially vacuum out blackheads, dirt, oil, and debris. Lastly, the HydraPeel Tip saturates the skin’s surface with intense moisturizers that quench, plump, and nourish the skin. The Hydration Facial is said to help improve overall skin texture and tone with no side effects or downtime, and is performed in-office by an esthetician or doctor. This takes about 30 minutes, which is shorter than the average facial, and will cost you $200-$350 for the basic process with the option to add on boosters & take home products based on your skin's needs. 

One of Hydration Facials biggest draws is that it is suitable for any age group and  all skin types. So whether your skin concern is anti-aging, acne, or a combination of both, this facial can help address the issue. Although this treatment produces amazing immediate results, it is not considered a quick fix. It is recommended to get a Hydration Facial every 4-6 weeks to improve your complexion over time and maintain healthy, hydrated skin.

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The demand for at-home skincare treatments has skyrocketed since 2020 when many in-office treatments became less available. DIY has been the name of the game and continues to grow “beyond the lockdown” to allow consumers to experience popular skin treatments in a cost efficient and convenient way. The opportunity to get spa quality results without the possible downtime or breaking the bank make these devices a must-have for the beauty lover that craves a simplified routine. 

Technology is stepping up a notch to provide the ultimate level of convenience to skincare loyalists, but not all beauty gadgets are created equal. There are tons of at-home skin care devices on the market with a wide range of benefits. Some of the most popular right now include; microdermabrasion, microneedling, skin tightening, cleansing tools, light therapy, and pore extraction facial tools. 

So which popular tool should you try first? We’ve got you covered. Our GloPRO® Facial Microneedling Tool is a great place to start. This award-winning at-home rejuvenation tool is totally painless, and works to amplify skincare absorption while creating firmer, smoother skin in just 60 seconds a day! There are several attachment heads available to address your skin concerns from head to toe and 97% of GloPRO® users agreed that their skin looked younger after treatment.

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 Beauty enthusiasts in 2022 are more educated on their needs, looking to save time and money while getting real results. Everyday beauty rituals are evolving and simplified routines that allow you to let your skincare routine work smarter, not harder are the name of the game. Give these trending skinvestments a try and see what works best for you. As always, keep calm and glow on!