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The Art of Skin Streaming

The Art of Skin Streaming

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Is your skin stressed out? TikTok’s newest beauty trend might be the solution you’ve been searching for (and, surprisingly, it influences you to buy less products and focus on formulas that are actually effective).

You might be wondering, what is skin streaming? 

Set to be one of this year’s biggest trends, skin streaming is all about embracing the “less is more” life mantra. It's ditching your 10-step skincare routine and swapping it for a more simplified version made up of three or four essential products to address your skin’s specific concerns. 

Usually, it involves a cleanser, moisturizer, vitamin-powered serum, and the addition of an active component, like a retinoid, at night. This approach protects your skin from being overwhelmed and oversaturated with products. 

Skin streaming is what most professionals recommend on a day-to-day basis. The goal is to minimize the use of actives on top of actives, streamlining the routine to enhance both results and consistency. Plus, expert dermatologists have found that only two or three actives at a time can actually penetrate the skin barrier to work their full capacity. 

Skin Streaming Benefits:

Becoming a skin minimalist goes way beyond just saving time and money. Product overuse can cause negative effects like dryness, breakouts and increased redness, as well as activating skin conditions like eczema and acne. Good news is, this trend is all about de-stressing the skin, by helping to prevent over-exfoliating and using competing active ingredients that are harsh and strip our protective barrier. 

However, be careful not to deprive your skin of essential vitamins and nutrients while taking part in the skin streaming trend. Finding multitasking formulas that are right for you can help you treat your skin and target specific concerns while giving it a much-needed break. 

BeautyBio’s Streamlined, Clinically Proven Routine:

  1. Cleanse skin with The Balance: All-in-one pH balancing cleanser gently soothes skin and removes makeup without stripping the skin’s natural moisture levels. 
  2. Apply Serum
    • In the A.M., apply The Daily: Acid-free vitamin C serum helps tighten the look of pores, brighten and even skin tone.
    • In the P.M., apply The Nightly: Non-drying, non-irritating deep-release, overnight retinol repair serum (vitamin A) helps firm skin, fade lines and smooth texture. 
  3. Soothe with The ZenBubble: Lightweight, oil free gel cream instantly hydrates skin while soothing Cica helps calm redness, absorb excess oil, even skin tone, and doubles as a smoothing makeup primer for application staying power.
  4. Pump and glide The Eyelighter Concentrate: 2-in-1 under-eye serum and depuffing tool powered by smoothing Jojoba and plant-based, gentle retinol alternative helps brighten, neutralize dark circles and primes for creaseless concealer and eyeshadow application. 

Looking for an even more streamlined skin reset? This 2-step PM routine keeps it simple, yet powerful:

  1. Cleanse with The Balance pH Balancing Cleanser
  2. Apply R45 The Reversal for 45 days twice a year. This 3-phase retinol system replaces everything in your PM routine without depriving you of moisture and essential nutrients. Plus, our TriGLO technology mimics the firming, skin-smoothing effects of clinical retinol without the harsh side effects. Finally, a powerful, yet gentle retinol formula EVERY skin type – even sensitive – can use. 


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