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Glass Skin Goals: Blush Rush Edition

Glass Skin Goals: Blush Rush Edition

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Glass skin is the new glowy skin. The trend made viral by skincare-obsessed users across the globe, focuses on achieving a complexion that is so smooth, hydrated, and luminous that it essentially looks like "glass." We're here to share the secrets to glass skin and guide you on adding steps to your skincare routine for a truly radiant complexion.

So, what is glass skin? While the name might seem unrealistic, and perhaps even daunting, it's more about achieving a dewy, healthy-looking complexion. Ask the internet, and you'll find glass skin is often related to perfect skin. However, we believe that glass skin does not equal flawless skin. Instead, it’s about showcasing your best skin possible by focusing on a skincare routine that includes antioxidant-rich formulas that promote skin health and target specific concerns with gentle, yet potent ingredients to help give your skin a healthy and hydrated glow.

With our annual Blush Rush sale coming up, featuring up to 40% off sitewide, we've curated the essential skincare routine steps featuring BeautyBio products to shop for if you’re looking to achieve healthier-looking skin and show off the viral super-dewy, glass skin look just in time for summertime.

 1. Wash Your Face

Even though it seems kind of obvious, washing your face and removing your makeup before bed is essential to maintain a healthy complexion. More specifically, finding a gentle cleanser that protects your skin as you cleanse is essential to preserve your natural moisture levels. The Balance is an all-in-one pH-balancing gel cleanser that takes it all off - impurities and makeup - without causing any dryness after use. 

2. Exfoliate at Least Once a Week

Finding a gentle exfoliant to enhance skin smoothness is essential for maintaining a healthy glow. Our Buff & Glow muslin exfoliating cloth is made out of pure, eco-friendly, bamboo and cotton to enhance microcirculation, gently exfoliate dead skin cells, and remove makeup. Upgrade your routine and simplify your exfoliating step by combining with The Balance cleanser for smoother, clearer and brighter-looking skin.

3. Apply Serums

Depending on your skin concerns, we recommend these two lightweight, yet effective formulas to push your skin to its healthiest potential.

If you’re looking for a product that helps brighten, even skin tone, and reduce visible pores, The Daily is ideal for you! This acid-free vitamin C serum is powered by glow-boosting antioxidants formulated for even sensitive skin. Think of it as a morning skincare smoothie for instantly healthier skin and visible results with zero irritation. 

If you’re looking for a multitasking formula that helps reduce redness, balance oil production, boost hydration, and visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, The ZenBubble Toner Serum is perfect for you. This weightless formula formulated with soothing Cica and plumping Moringa combines the benefits of a clarifying toner and repair serum in one to calm and reset stressed skin. 

4. Use Retinol at Night

We get it - retinol can be intimidating. Unlike traditional formulas that may irritate sensitive skin, The Nightly is a non-drying, non-irritating deep-release retinol (vitamin A) formula that delivers pro-strength results without harsh side effects.  Infused with moisture-locking hyaluronic acid filling spheres to boost moisture levels, this serum  helps firm skin, fade lines, and smooth uneven texture, so you wake up to healthier-looking skin by morning.

5. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.

Award-winner for a reason, The ZenBubble lightweight, oil-free gel moisturizer with soothing Cica helps moisturize skin – increasing skin’s hydration by 64% after just one use – tightening the appearance of pores, balancing oil production, and reducing visible redness. Plus, this multitasking formula doubles as a makeup primer for smooth makeup application.

6. Wear SPF Daily

Our weightless, oil-free Perfecting Blendrops™ deliver invisible SPF 40 protection and skincare benefits with zero white cast. Color-correcting Tranexamic and skin-plumping Polyglutamic acids work to hydrate and blur skin’s appearance helping to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles for a smooth, makeup-optional, dewy-looking complexion. 

Consistency and finding the right products for your skin are key to achieving radiant, glass-looking skin. By curating a daily routine that includes cleansing, hydration, gentle exfoliation, and sun protection, you can maintain and enhance your skin's natural glow. Remember, everyone's skin is unique, so finding the perfect combination of products that work for you is essential.