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DRAFT Four Benefits of Using a Lip Plumper Tool

Four Benefits of Using a Lip Plumper Tool

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As a society we’ve been craving larger, more luscious lips for decades, but our methods of achieving full lips have been almost barbaric (hello #kyliejenner challenge). Thankfully, we don’t have to stuff our mouths into a shot glass (or any weird device) or even subject ourselves to painful, unnatural looking injections to have naturally fuller-looking lips.  We can get a more natural lip, completely pain free, from the comfort and privacy of our own home, no doctor appt required.

With the proper tools and a little know-how, you’ll be well on your way to having the lips you’ve always wanted. Still not convinced that at-home lip plumping can be a reality?  Here are four benefits of using an at home lip plumper device.  But first, let’s talk about what an at-home lip plumping device is and how to use one.  

 Microneedling for Lips

What is a Lip Plumper Tool?

With in-office treatments, professionals use a needle to inject lips with lip filler to plump them up and fill in fine lines and wrinkles.  While this can be effective, the results and recovery period are often completely noticeable. Lips end up swollen, bruised, and unnaturally full looking - those lips aren’t fooling anyone. An at-home lip plumping tool delivers natural looking results instantly from the comfort of home with zero downtime. A lip microneedling tool contains a roller covered with tiny needles that create tiny, micro injuries on the lips. This stimulates the cells in your lips to produce collagen, creating visibly plumper lips.  Follow a lip microneedling treatment with a lip serum to allow the ingredients to penetrate deeply ensuring you get maximum lip plumping impact. A great lip serum will have ingredients like hyaluronic acid, collagen and natural, nourishing oils.  

Lip Tool


Benefits of Using a Lip Plumper Tool

1. No injections.  Not only will an at home lip-plumping tool save you from injections, you’ll also be saved from the chemical substances used in fillers (which often have impermanent results). They have to be repeated every few months to keep the desired effect, and no one wants lips that fluctuate in size.  Unlike an in-office injection, using a tool like the GloPRO Microneedling Lip Attachment, is painless and completely safe.  You won’t be injecting anything into the sensitive membranes of your lips.  Instead, you’ll be resurfacing the lip area, creating micro-channels in the skin and sending the message to your skin’s cells to fill up on collagen and white blood cells and increase blood flow.  A microneedling tool may sound scary, but it’s far from it.  The needles on a microneedling device are tiny and using it on your lips feels like using a gentle exfoliator. 

2. Using a lip plumping tool at home saves money - lots of it.  You already know cosmetic procedures are pricey, but lip injections can range from $500 to $1000 per treatment, depending on the amount of filler needed; and remember, those injections don’t last forever, so you can expect to pay the same amount again in six to twelve months.  Unlike an office procedure, lip plumping at home is completely budget friendly.  Your initial investment for a lip plumping tool and a serum will cost just a fraction of what you’d pay for a single injection. And you don’t even need to consider scheduling a follow up appointment.  You can use a microneedling lip enhancer as often as you want to get your desired pout. The only additional cost ,will be replacement heads for the microneedling tool (it’s recommended they be replaced every two to three months); way easier on the wallet than spending a grand at your practitioner’s office every half year or so.  

    3. A lip plumping tool offers real, lasting, natural results.  With an at-home lip plumping tool, the power of the pout is in your hands.  Want to reduce feathering around the lip area?  Not a problem.  Want your lips to appear fuller but still look like your lips?  You can do it.  Depending on the frequency of use, you can achieve both subtle and dramatic results.  Your results, however, will always look and be natural.  With a microneedling tool and a great lip serum, you’ll be able to create lips that are noticeably fuller and more hydrated.  The Pout Volumizing Lip Serum contains high powered ingredients like hyaluronic acid, collagen, shea butter, and sunflower seed oil.  These ingredients (which are never tested on animals and contain no harsh chemicals or environmentally unfriendly solvents) are able to penetrate deep into the layers of skin on your lips to assist your cells with rejuvenation and restoration.  You can get noticeable results in as little as one treatment, with zero downtime and no bruising.  Continued use intensifies the results and promotes continued lip health and restoration.  In time, fine lines and feathering are less noticeable and your lips feel more hydrated and healthier than ever before.

    4. Plumping your lips at home increases hydration—Part of the reason your lips lose volume over time is that they begin to become less efficient in retaining moisture.  As our skin ages, the cells flatten out, and dehydration occurs.  This can be the reason you’re constantly reaching for lip balm throughout the day.  Nothing about getting a lip injection promotes moisture retention, and if your lips aren’t retaining sufficient moisture, they aren’t going to feel comfortable or appear as full as possible.  Microneedling prior to using a good lip serum prepares the way for your lips to use the natural ingredients contained in the serum for moisturizing and rehydrating the lips more effectively than simply using a lip balm or lip gloss.  Hyaluronic acid in your lip serum works by forcing water to be taken up into the cells, resulting in cells that are full and completely hydrated.  

      Lip Microneedling


      Using a microneedling tool and a lip serum, you can create lips that are healthy, hydrated, and appear naturally larger.  You can do this at a fraction of the cost of in-office lip injections and without any of the downtime. With an at-home lip plumper enhancer, there is no scarring, bruising or bleeding. Using a lip microneedler and serum together delivers a one-two punch by forcing cells to ramp up collagen production and enhance skincare ingredient absorption. If you want fuller-looking, healthier lips, the benefits of using an at home lip plumper tool are yours for the taking.


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      "Isabel" GloPRO® Blush Crush