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Rose Quartz Roller VS. Cryo Roller

Rose Quartz Roller VS. Cryo Roller

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Rose Quartz Roller
Cryo roller


Science proves that our skin, the body’s largest organ, loves a shot of cold. The saying, “put some ice on it,” exists for a variety of reasons: cold temps help improve microcirculation, decrease inflammation in swollen joints and help ramp up collagen production. The benefits definitely go below the surface, although skin’s outer layer often displays the most immediately visible results. Where and how to experience regular cold therapy is the question though. Almost every in-office treatment is being manufactured for use at home; a quick, spa-like way to show skin some chill is via at-home face and body rolling.

But with the explosion in popularity of rolling, how do we know which stones or materials are best for our targeted treatment needs (or which ones just plain feel the best)? We’re breaking down the difference between our Rose Quartz Roller and Cryo Roller – both dual-ended, both chill, each with their own set of benefits that deliver professional results.


Rose Quartz Roller


Material Composition

  • Our Rose Quartz Roller is crafted from 100% pure Brazilian rose quartz and contains inherent minerals- silicium, magnesium, iron, sodium and oxygen- that skin can topically borrow and benefit from when rolling.
  • The Cryo Roller is made from professional-grade stainless steel that has been very slightly cored out to provide the optimal weight and pressure needed for maximum skin benefits. Self-shopping tip: many skin icing tools are constructed of plastic wrapped in a thin metal sheet or comprised of frozen gel beads, which will not achieve or sustain maximum cold temps the same way that pure stainless steel will.


Sustained Temperatures

Although both rollers feel cool to the touch when left at room temperature, and much colder when stored in the fridge or freezer, the Cryo Roller’s stainless-steel composition can sustain the arctic chill for longer periods of time like an ice pack.




Smoothing vs Sculpting

Most consumers turn to face and body rolling for one overarching benefit, de-puffing. With our erratic schedules of late nights, fatty foods and lack of sleep, most of us wake up with some form of facial, eye or bodily puffiness we’d like to deflate before our first meeting. Plus, our lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump, we have to manually encourage our bodies to drain fluids.

  • Rose quartz instantly calms and smooths skin, helping to remove any unwanted redness, reducing inflammation and promoting lymphatic drainage to diminish puffiness.
  • With a more intense chill, Cryo delivers an instant sculpting effect, aka “frotox.” The icy chill not only depuffs, but also decreases the appearance of pores and tightens skin, all which create the appearance of an at-home face lift.


Cryo Roller


Sealing in Skincare vs Toxin Removal

If skin is subjected to cold temps before applying skincare, the active ingredients will absorb better. When our skin is cold, the capillaries constrict and create a reverse pulling effect - skincare literally gets pulled deeper into the skin helping makeup sit better and look smoother because pores appear smaller. Both rose quartz and cryo amplify the absorption of skincare, but the Cryo Roller’s heightened prolonged chill also helps slow down sebum production and draw, or “pull”, out impurities, which is especially ideal for oily and breakout-prone skin.




Tension Relaxation vs Cellulite Reduction

The controlled chill of the rose quartz and cryo rollers are effective at targeting pain management for muscle tension, soreness and headaches. Cryo’s arctic chill goes one step further and stimulates our metabolic process and helps break down and dissolve fat deposits. Over time, it can smooth the appearance of cellulite.


With repeated use, rolling with our Rose Quartz and Cryo Rollers is like interval training for skin, improving sub-dermal functions and encouraging natural processes to heighten productivity so that skin can look and feel healthier instantly and over time with long-term use. 



Rose Quartz Roller
Cryo roller