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#BlushCrush: Catherine Lowe

#BlushCrush: Catherine Lowe

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Catherine Giudici Lowe is a graphic designer, entrepreneur, social media influencer, wife, and mom to three beautiful children. Catherine lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband Sean, sons Samuel and Isaiah, and daughter Mia. Catherine and Sean met on the popular TV Series “The Bachelor” back on Season 17 in 2013. She has a passion for fashion and home design, and has founded LoweCo., a high end stationery company and LoweCo.ncierge, a local luxury gifting service.

Current title and occupation?

CEO and Founder of LoweCo. and LoweCo.ncierge 

Do you have a personal motto or power statement?

Be present. Be passionate.

When you started filming The Bachelor season, was it how you imagined it would be when you first signed up?

My best friend originally applied for me (to which I was very against at the time) but I definitely did not understand the gravity of it all when I agreed to be a part of it. There were tons of hoops to jump through to even get to Night One (10,000 applicants every season!), once you were part of the cast there were a lot of things to get used to that no one could have prepared you for. You have no alone time, you can’t have your phone or even a magazine, you spend more time with the girls than the lead, you learn the art of retelling a specific conversation over and over and over… But honestly, I just wanted to make it past Night One and I had no clue he’d even be remotely interested in me so that was a very pleasant surprise.

What's the biggest rumor you've heard about The Bachelor that is totally false?

That it is scripted and nothing about it is real. If that was the case, Sean and I deserve an Emmy for being phenomenal actors the past ten years.

If any of your children wanted to go on The Bachelor, would you let them? 

I say yes! If they can be as discerning and level-headed as we were, it could be a great ending for them too!

How did you establish boundaries between a private and a public persona once your life was broadcast to millions of viewers?

There really aren’t any boundaries. It’s freeing to live the same in public and private settings. 

What is the best marriage advice you have ever received?

"You’re on the same team.” Once you know that your spouse is not against you, you usually soften and conflict becomes easier to deal with.

What was your inspiration for starting Lowe.Co?

I really enjoyed working with my wedding planner on my Save the Dates and other wedding paper designs and once I moved to Dallas and away from my normal career, I knew I had to continue my passion for design in a way that worked with my new life. I naively started when I was pregnant because I thought it would be great to do at home with a baby (NOT) but I really loved creating designs and a product that was entirely mine. I saw that there was a lot of foil-stamped cards which I thought were beautiful but I wanted to move forward with a blind-embossed treatment that had witty sayings that I made up. They’re timeless with a little bit of silliness which makes me so happy.

What did you learn about yourself while starting your own business?

That my passion can give me the perseverance to endure the parts of my business that interest me in no way. *cough* taxes *cough cough* I really learned about how to do something on my own and be a self-starter whereas in my past career I just took direction from others and solely focused on design. It is so empowering to overcome things that used to scare you and it’s even more empowering when you willingly do things that scare you all the time.

Favorite beauty trend that's having a moment?

Drew Barrymore recently told me that she loved my freckles and that it was a new trend. I love not doing any work and getting full praise for existing. In that case, that time where dark undereye circles were in, I was totally trendy for the exact same level of effort.

Self care hacks? (In whatever form self-care means for you)

I am obsessed with reflexology, in particular a local spot where you can get a full body massage, fully clothed without a reservation and they are open late so I don’t sacrifice any time from my children or family. And even though I don’t plan ahead for my self care often, writing down something you would like to do for yourself (ex. “Massage”, “nails”, “bath”) in the weekly notes portion of your calendar and then you can be reminded to take some time away from your busy schedule to replenish.

What is next for Catherine Lowe?

I am so excited to expand my luxury gifting company LoweCo.ncierge! I have found so much enjoyment in coming up with new ways to create an experience for our clients and I truly love what I do and who I get to work with. 

Fave BeautyBio product (We had to ask)?

Dry Shampoo! 

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