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At-Home Treatments: GLOfacial vs. The “Other Guys”

At-Home Treatments: GLOfacial vs. The “Other Guys”

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Our game-changing pore detox tool just hit the market & it's the biggest launch in beauty! The GLOfacial Hydra-Infusion Pore Cleansing Tool offers an at-home treatment that works by gently unclogging pores and exfoliating dead skin cells for buttery smooth skin and a healthy, hydrated glow. There are quite a few at-home tools on the market and we've been getting a lot of questions about what makes GLOfacial different. 

Let's break down the key differences between two popular at-home treatment tools and our GLOfacial Pore Cleansing Tool. 

The Pore Vacuum

What it is:

There are many versions of this tool available and you can find them everywhere from Amazon to Ulta. This handheld pore extractor works by providing different levels of suction to remove debris from inside the pores. You can find pore vacuums in battery-operated & plug-in options along with different versions of the tool that claim to target specific benefits such as anti-aging & uneven tone with different treatment heads for your tool.

How it works: 

Pore vacuums usually have 3 levels of suction & different treatment heads you can choose from. The replaceable treatment heads can vary in size and benefits, some tools come with as many as 10 different options. The suction power increases with each level so you can customize your treatment based on what's best for your skin. During the treatment, you glide the tool across your face and the suction works to extract the pores and the dirt, oil, & debris are collected in the treatment head. The gunk extracted from your pores is either visible on the treatment head or have fallen on your counter or sink since there is no collection chamber on most of these devices. After you have finished with your treatment you wash the treatment heads that were used with soap and water and leave them out to dry. The suction power of the tool varies depending on which pore vacuum you are using and most of them have poor reviews on suction power and the tool's ability to maintain suction over time.

Pore Vacuum Tool vs. GLOfacial

GLOfacial provides powerful vacuum vortex technology that is designed to offer a gentle deep pore cleanse without losing suction over time. With pore vacuums, you are only getting extractions and at times the tool's suction quality may not be up to par to deliver real results. Pore vacuums also have a variety of treatment head options to choose from that come with the tool, so many that sometimes it's hard to understand what real benefit these many different options can provide. Why do I need a specific treatment head for anti-aging & then a separate head to target my discoloration? No one needs a more complicated routine! 

The GLOfacial tool provides pro-grade extractions while also infusing the skin with clarifying & hydrating skincare using treatment tips that are designed to target specific areas of the face. Our treatment tip options provide the same great benefits by utilizing 2 different sizes designed to target different areas of the face. The larger tip is used all over your face while the smaller tip is designed to target hard to reach areas like your nose and chin. Plus, there is a clarifying cap to use for blue light treatments alone. Not only are you able to experience your most satisfying cleanse ever, but your skin is also being infused with the GLOfacial concentrate, packed with clarifying Salicylic and plumping Hyaluronic Acid, to boost your radiance for a clear, healthy complexion. The GLOfacial tool provides an at-home pro-grade facial that is designed to simplify your routine and combat all of your skin concerns with just 1 treatment. The tool's waste chamber keeps all the gunk from your skin contained for easy cleanup & allows you to take a look at everything that was hiding in your pores. 

Pore vacuums range in quality and you never really know what you are going to get when purchasing different tools. The GLOfacial tool is 1 design and will never range in quality, you are guaranteed the same satisfying cleanse & pro-level results with every use.

The Microdermabrasion Tool

What it is:

Microdermabrasion tools are designed to provide minimally abrasive pro-grade exfoliation to “sand” the thicker, outer layer of the skin. The at-home tools on the market can be pretty pricey and come with treatment caps & discs that deliver different levels of exfoliation that only last for 3-4 treatments before you need to purchase new discs. Some tools offer different levels of suction along with the exfoliation and some come with one suction level. This treatment targets a range of skin concerns like scarring, discoloration, and uneven skin tone.

How it works:

You start your treatment by choosing your treatment disc based on your skin's sensitivity and need. If you are new to getting a Microderm treatment, you will most likely need to start with the sensitive treatment disc and a lower level of suction. The exfoliating disc fits inside the treatment cap. During the treatment, the tool provides a deep exfoliation as you glide the tool across your face. After the treatment, the treatment cap is where you will see all of the dead skin that has been sloughed off. Using this tool can also get a little messy as the dead skin is not always contained in the cap so that can add a step to your cleanup. You then wash out the treatment cap & exfoliating disc and leave them out to dry.

Microdermabrasion Tool vs GLOfacial

For starters, Microdermabrasion tools can be dangerous for someone who is not familiar with the treatment or has extremely sensitive skin. The sand-like exfoliation can cause real damage to your precious skin barrier and lead to scarring, dark spots, and the worsening of skin conditions. This treatment is not for everyone even though anyone can grab one of these at-home tools online. The treatment only offers one real benefit and that's a deeper exfoliation. Essentially, what you are doing is scraping off the top skin layer to reveal a renewed, healthy complexion but you don't always get that result. The tools often don't provide enough suction power for extraction capabilities and the exfoliation discs lose abrasiveness and need to be replaced often. 

The GLOfacial tool provides gentle exfoliation with treatment tips that are designed to protect the skin while delivering real results. With our game-changing treatment tool, you get pro-grade exfoliation & powerful extractions while your skin is infused with clinical skincare to ensure your skin is protected, hydrated, and renewed with every treatment. You never have to worry about damaging your skin's protective barrier and our treatment tips are long-lasting, they will only need to be replaced every 2-3 months.

It's easy to see how our GLOfacial tool reigns supreme in at-home treatment tools. Unlike any other option on the market, GLOfacial provides a one-of-a-kind pro-level hydration facial + blue light treatment all from the comfort of home. Here at BeautyBio, we're all about providing you with tools & skincare that simplify your routine while delivering clinical results. The GLOfacial Hydro-Infusion Pore Cleansing Tool is designed to take your routine to the next level with 1 no-fuss tool that provides results so good you might just cancel your next facial. Don't just take our word for it, try GLOfacial for yourself and see what all the hype is about. Ready for your best skin ever?

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