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GloPRO® EYE MicroTip™

Attachment Head
GloPRO® EYE MicroTip™ - BeautyBio Skincare Products
GloPRO® EYE MicroTip™ - BeautyBio Skincare Products
GloPRO® EYE MicroTip™ - BeautyBio Skincare Products
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GloPRO® EYE MicroTip™

Attachment Head
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GloPRO® EYE Microneedling Attachment Head specifically designed for precise, targeted treatments of hard to reach areas under and around the eye area, “eleven” lines between the brows, and “bunny” lines on the sides of nose to help restore volume (think shadowy, dark circles) and firmness in seconds.
  • Targets crow's feet, fine undereye lines, hooded brows, "eleven lines" between brows, "bunny lines" on sides of nose and hollowness under the eye
  • Under-eye area is visibly firmer in appearance
  • Smoother skin with diminished appearance of fine lines
  • Creates bouncy, new, younger-looking skin
Step 1

Cleanse face and pat dry.

Step 2

Roll GloPRO® EYE MicroTip™ across targeted area of eye area (avoiding eye lid) in a combination of horizontal, vertical and horizontal directions for a total of 60 seconds, no pressure needed.

Step 3

Follow with your favorite serum or moisturizer.

For PM use.

Skinsider Tips:

Results from a clinical study revealed GloPRO® reduced nose-to-mouth wrinkles by an average of 30% in just 30 days of use.

In a GloPRO® consumer perception survey:

• 90% felt skin had a renewed glow while using
• 97% agreed skin looked younger after using GloPRO®
• 100% felt GloPRO® helped stimulate skin’s natural collagen
• 90% considered GloPRO® an alternative to fillers
• 93% saw visible improvement in the overall appearance of skin
• 90% saw a visible improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• 93% saw an improvement in the evenness of skin tone
• 97% felt the firmness of skin improved


Why are there different GloPRO® MicroTip™ Attachment Heads? Are they all necessary?

Each MicroTip™ Attachment Head is designed specifically to cater to the unique skin densities on the face, lips, eyes and body. Each design and needle length is optimized to target various head-to-toe concerns.

How often should GloPRO® EYE MicroTip™ Attachment Head be switched out?

GloPRO® lasts a lifetime (with proper care), but MicroTip™ Attachment Heads should be replaced every 3-4 months with regular use. You wouldn’t use the same razor forever, right?

How do I dispose of a GloPRO® MicroTip™ Attachment Head?

While our packaging is recyclable, MicroTips™ are not. When your Attachment Head has rolled its course (usually after 2-3 months of regular use), it should be safely discarded.

How do I clean the MicroTip™?

After each use, spritz the attachment head with 70% isopropyl alcohol or higher to disinfect and sterilize the microneedles. Let the attachment head air dry, do not wipe down. 

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