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A Step By Step Guide To Starting Your AM & PM Skin Care Routine

A Step-By-Step Guide To Starting Your AM & PM Skin Care Routines

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Living on this side of the beauty industry and being a beauty junkie, it’s second nature to embrace 10-step (or more) advanced skin care routines. Plus, the adrenaline rush of finding out if a product will deliver on its packaging promises is kind of a thrill. But then again, that’s literally our job, to sift through all the ingredients, figure out the ones that play well together and serve them up to you, our discerning skinsiders for improved, healthy complexions, and maybe some confidence boosts, too.  The question we get most often though as a beauty brand is, “How do I start a beauty routine?” I’m sharing our full-fledged BeautyBio recommended AM and PM skincare routines and condensed versions for those with less time to spare.

AM Routine

We wake our faces up with Vitamin C. This antioxidant is famous not only for its brightening and texture-correction benefits, but its ability to shield skin from environmental aggressors is a great supplemental protection measure in addition to daily SPF.

Step 1: Roll

When I’m slinking out of bed, or even before I’ve gotten vertical, I’m grabbing our Rose Quartz Roller I keep stashed on my nightstand. I don’t need to look in the mirror to know some fluid has settled overnight into my eyelids and cheeks. Just a few long strokes up and outward toward my facial lymphatic drainage points while I press snooze and let the cooling sensation work its magic.

Step 2: Cleanse 

Once I’m sink-side, I cleanse my face with The Balance, a gentle pH balancing gel cleanser, to remove any excess oils that built up overnight. I enlist a washcloth to help stimulate microcirculation and micro-exfoliation – it’s way more effective than using my hands to lather and rinse.

Step 3: Serum 

Serums are skin’s veggies; they’re high-wattage dosages of critical actives that work to rebuild, repair and protect skin beyond a superficial layer. They’re less about adding hydration to skin and more about giving skin highly concentrated levels of antioxidants and vitamins. I apply 2 pumps of The Daily serum that contains a stable form of Vitamin C, so I know it won’t lose efficacy once it comes into contact with my skin.

Step 4: Roll 

We’re big time rollers, so yes, I roll for a second time here to help maximize serum absorption and enjoy the cooling, de-puffing benefits one more time before heading out the door. You’d be waiting 1-2 min anyways for the serum to absorb, may as well balance your chakra.

Step 5: Moisturize 

Creams lock in moisture to prevent skin dehydration throughout the day. I apply The Ultimate because it’s loaded with Vitamin C so I’m giving my skin another dose of protective antioxidants and the properties of a moisture-trapping cream all in one.

Step 6: Eye Cream

The skin around our eyes is lacking in muscle tissue and oil glands, so it’s super critical to keep this delicate skin hydrated. We use The Beholder to lift lids and encourage collagen synthesis and elasticity function.

Step 7 & 8: SPF and then some 

I combine my SPF step with whatever foundation (if any) I want to wear each day to ensure a smooth even application of both products. I actually love combining both of BeautyBio’s SPF products, The Protector and The Perfector so that I get the self-adjusting tint magic of The Perfector in a dewy finish.

The condensed AM routine

1. Cleanse

2. Serum

3. Moisturize

4. SPF

5. Bright Eyes Gels on your way out the door to get de-puffing, colloidal silver and collagen benefits all in one


    PM Routine

    Our PM skincare routine is all about optimizing the potent benefits of Vitamin A and GloPRO®, both designed to stimulate cellular repair, correcting the environmental stress our skin endures during the day. Plus, they help prevent future damage by giving us stronger, bouncier, younger-looking skin.

    Step 1: Cleanse

    Cleanse with The Balance to remove face and eye makeup, SPF, sweat, oils and toxins from the day. I love using a washcloth to add a bit of exfoliation and microcirculation stimulation – it’s way more effective than using my hands to lather and rinse.

    Step 2: Prep

    Swipe skin with a clarifying Prep Pad, these are anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, so they’re tough enough to remove all the lingering impurities our skin holds, like staph-causing bacteria, eek! This step also helps balance skin’s microbiome, the homeostasis of good and bad bacteria. We want skin to be this level of sterile before doing an at-home microneedling treatment (step 3).

    Step 3: GLO

    GloPRO® is all about tapping into skin’s cellular regeneration. This microneedling step allows us to not only stimulate skin’s collagen-building network and repair damage including fine lines, wrinkles, uneven tone and texture, but it creates pathways called micro-channels that allow skincare to access deeper layers of the skin rather than sit on the surface. Skincare will actually absorb 200x more effectively after microneedling with GloPRO®. So, GloPRO® for 60 seconds total hitting all the facial spots (forehead, cheeks, chin, sides of nose) but spend a few extra seconds on target concerns, for me this is the eleven lines between my brows and nose-to-mouth lines. No need to apply pressure to GloPRO®, the weight of the tool will work its magic.

    Step 4: Oil

    For me steps 4&5 are interchangeable, sometimes I apply oil first and other times serum. Regardless, applying both within the first 1-5 minutes after a GloPRO® treatment ensures your skin drinks it up and lets those highly concentrated actives get to work at deeper layers. I use The Radiance Facial Oil, it’s loaded with yummy rosehip seed, an anti-aging ingredient superhero that targets fine lines and wrinkles, and omegas that calm irritated skin including the appearance of inflammation and redness.

    Step 5: Serum

    Apply 2 pumps of The Nightly, which contains a unique time-release retinol compound designed to organically find and repair damage while you sleep. Hint- make your circadian rhythm work for you, it’s our skin’s natural regeneration cycle that occurs while we’re getting our ZZZs, and Vitamin A-based skincare encourages that process.

    Step 6: Moisturize

    Lock in the benefits of the oil and serum with a hydrating top moisture layer. I keep The Quench and The Plump in my rotation; my go-to for dry skin is The Quench for its fast-acting soothing and softening abilities, while The Plump is a midweight cream with a retinol complex that repairs skin overnight.

    Step 7: Eye Cream

    Repeat the same eye cream step as your AM routine, dab a little under and above the eye to rejuvenate the skin that gets the biggest daily workout.

    The condensed PM routine

    1. Cleanse

    2. Prep & Glo

    3. Serum

    4. Moisturize


    • Cleanse face before bed and remove all makeup
    • Wear daily SPF to protect skin from photoaging
    • Exfoliate 2-3x per week, try ours, it’s a gentle AHA+BHA instant brightening treatment
    • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – drink water like it’s going out of style
    Balance Gel Cleanser The Daily Serum The Ultimate Moisturizer
    The Balance Gel Cleanser 
    The Daily Vitamin C Serum
    GloPRO Microneedling Tool
    The Nightly Serum
    Quench Face