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The Benefits of Cryo Rolling

The Benefits of Cryo Rolling

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The science of exposing our body to extreme temps is nothing new – hot yoga, the polar bear plunge, saunas – but the buzz surrounding these activities often overshadows the benefits. We all know the repercussions associated with prolonged exposure to extreme hot and cold, but what are the benefits of intermittently subjecting ourselves to these degrees? How do our bodies react? What about skin? 

Let’s first examine what happens we’re exposed to super-hot temps. When we’re hot, our body’s main goal is to cool down. The brain sends signals all over the body to operate at slower speeds, which includes prohibiting standard muscle functions to keep our energy reserves high. Blood rushes to the skin to help our pores expand and push out sweat; once it evaporates, our bodies can begin to cool. We flush out toxins and the improved circulation enhances the supply of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to skin cells, which usually gives skin a nice inside-out glow.


Cryo Roller


So, what happens when our bodies are cold? A drop in temps actually ignites more side effects that are beneficial for the skin, because rather than the internal slowdown that happens with heat, our bodies ramp up activity when it’s cold. This jumpstarts a lot of natural processes that benefit blood flow, circulation and the skin. But getting regular, safely sustained exposure to freezing temps is tricky. When we don’t want to spend beaucoup bucks on routine Cryo therapy chamber treatments, take nightly cold showers or ice baths, the easiest way to give our skin a chill is via Cryo rolling, sometimes called ice rolling. It’s a form of cold treatment that can be done at home, daily, no winterwear required. Here’s what happens when skin is exposed to ice-cold temps via Cryo rolling:



Collagen Boost 

The heightened cold disrupts our deeper collagen layers, which initiates the production of brand new collagen. Collagen helps improve skin’s overall elasticity, firmness, suppleness and glow. 

Expels Toxins

Toxic Removal 

Our lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump, we have to manually encourage our bodies to drain fluids, which can be done through ice rolling. Without this forced skin detox, fluids can build up and stagnate resulting in clogged pores, breakouts and congestion.

Reduces Puffiness

Instant Sculpting

Aka “frotox.” The icy chill instantly depuffs, decreases the appearance of pores and tightens, all which create a naturally sculpted, at-home face lift appearance. 

Absorption Amplified

Absorption Amplified

If skin is subjected to cold temps before applying skincare, the active ingredients will absorb better. When our skin is cold, the capillaries constrict and create a reverse pulling effect. When we hear the term “pulling” we think of the removal of toxins, but the process can work inversely as well. With vasoconstriction, the narrowing of blood vessels, skincare literally gets pulled deeper into the skin; makeup also sits better and looks smoother because pores appear smaller.  



When exposed to cold, our blood vessels constrict to keep our insides warm, even though our outsides, skin, may remain cold. The spike in temperature releases endorphins and subsequently helps relieve stress, inflammation and puffiness. Once the body returns to a normal temperature, blood vessels “re-open”, establishing revitalized circulation rich with oxygen and nutrients that benefit skin. It’s kind of like sprint interval training.

Regulates Oil

Oil Regulation

Cold therapy slows down our sebum production, which is especially ideal for oily and breakout-prone skin.

Smooths Wrinkling

Cellulite Reduction 

When performed on the body, Cryo rolling stimulates our metabolic process and helps break down and dissolve fat deposits. Over time, it can smooth the appearance of cellulite.

Tension Aches

Tension Relaxation

The controlled chill of the roller is also effective targeted pain management for muscle tension, soreness and headaches. We can finally retire our packs of frozen berries and treat soreness with straight-from-the-fridge rollers.


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With repeated use, ice rolling is like interval training for skin, improving sub-dermal functions and encouraging natural processes to heighten productivity so that skin can look and feel healthier. Skin becomes smoother, muscle aches are soothed, skin detoxes, pores are tightened, breakouts banished and facial features sculpted. And even better than in-office treatments or more extreme cold exposure like ice bathing, there’s little-to-no side effects aside from skin flushing that quickly dissipates.

For instant and lasting results, try our 100% stainless steel GloPRO Cryo Attachments or Cryo Roller for the Eyes, Face and Body.



Cryo Rollers
Cryo roller