Can I Microneedle at Home?

Kim K does it, so I’m officially paying attention, but what’s the buzz about?

Anytime you can strike that elusive fine line between natural, healthy and high-tech treatments in the beauty industry, it’s cosmetic gold. Microneedling is the process of rolling needles over the skin – face, neck and body – creating tiny micro-injuries in order to stimulate skin regeneration. When you get a papercut, skin regenerates to create new, bouncy skin until the papercut disappears.

Each time you microneedle, you’re stimulating skin’s natural healing response. New skin is likely to be more radiant, bouncy and younger-looking. It’s basically the closest you can get to rewinding the clock without invasive surgery. Insert dancing flash mob here. 

Microneedling is painless

So, I can actually microneedle at home?

Who has time for office visits anymore? Not us. BeautyBio founder, Dr. Terry James, literally invented at-home microneedling. We are the ultimate advocates of lazy girls and guys around the world who are looking for procedural results from the comfort of their couches. If you go to an office, you will see longer needles with a machine that is doctor-operated. The at-home tools have shorter needles designed for ease and frequency of use. Shorter needles mean you can microneedle more often as the downtime is almost non-existent.

Will it hurt?

On a scale from 1 to a Brazilian wax, it’s a -2. Consider shaving, you can feel the razor gliding over your leg, effectively removing unwanted hair, but pain isn’t a factor – the same philosophy applies to at-home microneedling. GloPRO®’s FACE attachment head contains 540 surgical stainless-steel needles that glide over the skin creating tiny micro-channels that enable products to reach deeper layers of the skin and therefore work more effectively.

Where does it fit into my routine?

Microneedling requires clean skin to work effectively. You’ll want to use a gentle cleanser like The Balance to remove all face and eye makeup. And a toning step to further clarify and condition skin is recommended before GloPRO®-ing. The Prep Pads are fantastic at removing any remaining impurities. Use GloPRO® on target areas, and then follow with your treatment topicals. The micro-channels are especially receptive to skincare within the first two minutes after microneedling.

How often should I be doing this in order to see results?

For visible results, we recommend microneedling with GloPRO® 2-3 times per week. Before beginning treatment though, test GloPRO® on a small area of skin to test for any sensitivity.

I’ve got a date tonight, can I microneedle beforehand?

Although the downtime and recovery period after at-home microneedling is virtually non-existent, everybody’s skin is different. Skin may appear flushed (pinkish) after use, which is common as it means circulation has been kicked into gear. So, before you glo and go, do a test run. Microneedling at night before bed is ideal as it taps into skin’s natural nighttime renewal process.

microneedling at home

How long do results last?

Results are cumulative and compound with continued use. To help maintain results, get in the habit of wearing a daily SPF to ward off harmful rays that accelerate the aging process. And of course, stick to your daily skincare routine, drink water like a fish and be kind to your body until we find a cure for that whole stress thing.

Anywhere I shouldn’t be doing this?

Yes, avoid microneedling on any open wounds including acne, raised surfaces such as moles and eyelids. Where you SHOULD be microneedling – face (forehead + cheeks + chin), neck and décolleté, body (buttocks + thighs + stomach + arms).



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