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#BLUSHCRUSH: Natalie Marshall

#BLUSHCRUSH: Natalie Marshall

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Natalie Marshall is the Founder & President of KIP. Sleepwear, and apart from that, a wife and a mom to a baby girl. Natalie and her all female team create chic pajama staples for the modern woman. After working in the corporate fashion space for years, she wanted to create a product that encouraged women to invest in rest and in turn, invest in themselves. Natalie and her team at KIP. take pride in their quality & timeless pieces, as well as KIP.'s complimentary monogramming for a bespoke bedtime.

What is your current title & occupation?

I am the Founder of KIP. Sleepwear and a new mom.

What inspired you to create KIP Sleepwear? 

I was working in corporate fashion, and I wasn’t seeing a chic, quality pajama in the marketplace. Growing up in the UK, I was always gifted matching pajama sets that I loved for years and years. I wanted to create something similar for the modern woman. I was also witnessing the burnout that women often experience at work and was so passionate about creating a brand that stood for rest and self-care.

Have pajamas always held a special place in your heart? 

I’ve always loved a great matching pajama set. I remember being in my university dorm and standing out for wearing my matching sets at night instead of the sweats my friends were wearing. Something about putting on a crisp pair of pajamas after taking a shower at night makes me feel put together and good about myself.

In your opinion, what are a few pj must-haves customers should consider when shopping for a pajama set? (ex: fit, type of fabric, breathability) 

Depending on if you are a cold or hot sleeper, the fabric you sleep in is super important. For example, our Premium Cotton is 100% cotton, incredibly breathable, lightweight, and perfect for people who feel warm in bed. Another important quality is the overall fit, pajamas that are slightly oversized but are well-tailored and adjustable, will guarantee your comfort.

We love this quote from your website, “KIP. encourages women to invest in a night’s rest and, in turn, invest in themselves.” Have any tips on how one can improve their sleep quality? 

Sleeping in breathable fabrics is a must! Look for a 100% cotton or cotton blend. It’s also so important to have great sleep hygiene – remove all screens from the bedroom, ensure the room is cool and all light is blocked out either with blinds or a sleep mask.

What sleepwear trends do you see thriving in 2023? Any trends you hope will go away and never return? 

I’m pleasantly witnessing a return to quality staples. Having feathers or sequins on your pajama are a cute touch but they aren’t going to give you a better night’s sleep or last you for years. I hope customers continue to steer away from cheesy prints/graphic prints – I think animated animals and characters are better suited for kids sleepwear. 

Do you have a personal power statement or motto that gets you through the not-so-fun days? 

Since having my daughter last year, I’m most driven by thinking – what is the example I want to set for her? I find that so motivating on hard days.

What advice would you give to your younger self? 

I would definitely encourage myself to embrace the process. In your twenties, you’re not supposed to have it all figured out and I was in a bit of a rush to get to the next stage. I wish I would have enjoyed learning, making mistakes and growing instead of being so hard on myself. I also would encourage myself to be more confident in myself – everything I have achieved has come from when I’ve believed in myself.

How do you prioritize self-care, in whatever form self-care is for you? 

I’m a big believer that I need to show up for myself in order to show up for everyone else (baby, husband, team). I will always make time for things that make me feel my best -morning workouts are non-negotiable. I also make time for manicures, my skincare routine, and relaxing rituals like meditation, reading or simply taking a bath. 

We have to ask, what is your favorite BeautyBio product? 

I’m obsessed with the GLASS & GLOSS Megawatt Glow Pro-Facial. I love the feeling of just getting a facial but don’t always have the time to go somewhere to get one. This product is so amazing at feeling like I’m at a spa at home! My skin always feels SO smooth and hydrated. 

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