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#BLUSHCRUSH: Isabel Alysa

#BLUSHCRUSH: Isabel Alysa

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Isabel Alysa

Allow us to introduce this month’s Blush Crush, Isabel Alysa, CEO & Founder of Dolce Glow. Isabel has made her mark in the spray tanning industry as one of the most in-demand spray tan artists amongst celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, The Kardashians, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and so many others!

Before the launch of Dolce Glow, however, the thought of spending summers on the coast with loved ones encouraged Isabel to always persevere for the life that would support these dreams. This determination to surpass her old narrative encouraged her to remain focused and turn the page for a brighter (& much glowier) future. Unexpectedly, amongst countless unfulfilling jobs, Isabel was treated to her first-ever spray tan, which left her with an instant confidence boost. Because she felt an overwhelming amount of empowerment after that spray tan, she set out to spread this incredible feeling of self-love to all. This became her path to the renowned celebrity spray tan artist she is today. In order to make her sunless tan more accessible, she created Dolce Glow which would allow clients across the world to be dipped in dolce.

What is your current title & occupation?


What inspired you to start Dolce Glow and what is your proudest career moment?

It started with my very first experience getting a spray tan. It was during a time when I was in a really dark place in my life, and a friend of mine treated me to my first-ever spray tan. I’ll never forget how it made me feel. I have to tell you, it was an instant confidence boost! I felt so revived and empowered after that spray tan! So, it was at that moment that I set out to spread this incredible feeling of self-love to everyone. So I took a class and then I started my own mobile spray tanning business. Within a few years I opened my own salon and I hustled!!! Then in 2021, I launched the Dolce Glow self-tanning line to bring that same celebrity glow to women everywhere!

What is the best career advice you have ever received?

Trust the process, and don’t chase the dollar. In this industry, things change every minute so you have to be flexible. There are certain things I’d like to make happen when I want it to happen, but when I trust the process, everything falls into place and things turn out even better than I would have imagined.

If someone was new to Dolce Glow, or self-tanning, what’s the first thing you would recommend them to try?

For self-tanning beginners, I always recommend the Dolce Self-Tanning Mist. It’s a fan favorite! Our innovative Bag on Valve spray system provides full 360° coverage allowing you to spray upside down and get into all those hard to reach places for a seamless, streak-free tan. Infused with a blend of skin loving oils and dermatologist tested, Dolce leaves your skin healthy and glowing like never before. 

Do you have any tips or tricks for someone who somehow always ends up with tanning line streaks? (Asking for a friend😉) 

Of Course! It’s all in the preparation! To avoid getting any streaks make sure to exfoliate your skin thoroughly before you self-tan and keep your skin moisturized. Self-tanners have DHA which tends to dry your skin and leaves patchy areas. So to help prevent this, make sure your skin is well moisturized and hydrated.  I also recommend you use the Kabuki brush or application mitt to apply and blend the self-tanner for even application.

What is your best advice for juggling motherhood and being passionate about your career? 

Family comes first and being a mom is my top priority. Most of my clients can relate to the importance of juggling motherhood and having a successful career or building a business. Sometimes women can feel like they have to gravitate towards one or the other; being a great mom or being a great business leader. But you can do both. You don’t have to choose. For example, in my situation, there are often times when I take my daughter on appointments with me so she gets to see the hard work and hustle it takes to build the life we have. I also like to have her go with me on trips so that I get to enjoy one on one time with her while I have these long trips like fashion week. I know that by spending time with my family, being present for them and nurturing them, it allows me to focus and be present for my business as well.

Do you have a personal power statement or motto that gets you through the not so fun days?

Trust in God’s Plan, and whatever he sends my way. Honestly, nothing in my life has gone the way I’ve planned, but even when things have gotten hard, I trust that God will not only get me through it, but will bless me more than I can ever imagine. 

How do you prioritize self-care, in whatever form self-care is for you? 

As my business continues to grow in the most amazing ways, I cannot take the time like I used to. So prioritizing time for myself is crucial. I like to take time each day for self-care and personal rejuvenation to help get me into the right head space, recharge my energy and give me the focus I need to excel at building Dolce Glow. Getting midday naps, massages, facials, and of course, spray tans, are a few of those self-love treatments I like to schedule time for.  It’s also important for me to get time everyday to exercise and make sure I am eating the right foods and taking my vitamins.

What’s next for Isabel Alysa & Dolce Glow?

I can’t kiss and tell, but let’s just say the best is yet to come! I’m excited to continue to share this amazing brand with the entire world!  


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