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10 Common Skincare Mistakes

10 Common Skincare Mistakes

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When turned loose in the bathroom with our skincare, we’re faced with a barrage of decisions: what to use, when to use, how to use? The pressure. is. on. Before falling victim to an Instagram-generated misconception, poorly researched tutorial or over-hyped product, let us set the skincare record straight for you.

Double Cleanse



Mistake: Introducing Too Many New Products

We’ll be the first to admit – it’s easy to get excited about trying new skincare products. But that being said, only introduce one new product at a time so skin can slowly adjust to the change without freaking out. This way, should you experience any adverse side effects, it’ll be easy to pinpoint the changing variable and toss (recycle) it. 


Mistake: Washing Your Face Once After Makeup

Turns out that cleansing once after wearing makeup is only doing the job half-way. Wash once to get the makeup off, and twice to actually cleanse skin.


Mistake: Exfoliating Too Often

Whether it’s a gritty scrub or a chemical peel, over-exfoliating strips the critical, outer layers of skin, leaving skin sensitized, exposed to environmental toxins and more prone to sun damage. We suggest using an exfoliator only one to three times a week, so skin has sufficient time to heal in between.


Mistake: Layering Products Incorrectly

Just as there’s a correct order to making a bed, there’s a correct order to layering skincare. Always work from lightweight (serums, eye cream) to heavyweight (creams, SPF) so that each product can properly penetrate the skin and do its job.


Mistake: Incorrect Amounts

Always remember - a little bit of product goes a long way. An almond-sized amount of face cream can cover the whole face, and a rice-sized amount of eye serum or eye cream can be used for both eyes.  


Mistake: Nixing the Moisturizer

Think oily skin doesn’t need a moisturizer? Quite the opposite. Oily skin, just like any other type of skin, needs proper hydration to keep the barrier layer intact and sebum production in check. When skin isn’t hydrated, it compensates by overproducing oil, thus creating the merry-go-round that is perpetually oily skin.


Mistake: Forgetting SPF

The most important skincare step in the name of prevention is a broad-spectrum SPF. Even when the sun isn’t shining, UVA and UVB rays break down collagen and elastin in the skin leading to premature aging and discoloration. SPF should be the final layer of a skincare regimen before adding makeup.

Neck Skincare Routine


Mistake: Neglecting the Neck

Skincare shouldn’t stop at the jawline, in fact, the same skincare routine performed on the face should be extended to the neck and chest. The skin on the neck is delicate, which is why it shows signs of aging quickly – so treat it with care!


Mistake: Bad Timing

Don’t compromise a good skincare routine with bad timing. Always apply skincare within one minute of cleansing while skin is still damp, and pores are open. Skincare routines should be completed at least an hour before bed, so actives have ample time to absorb into skin and not the pillow.


Mistake: Ignoring the Pillow Case

Pillowcases accumulate a buildup of residue from allergies to skin oils, so be sure to keep them clean. Wash pillowcases once a week or more if blemishes are a problem. The pillowcase material matters, too. Cotton, even a high thread count variety, can be rough on skin and hair, so a silk or satin pillowcase is always our preference.