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The Healthy Hair Kit

Thicker, Fuller, Stronger Hair Silicone-Free Scalp Serum Duo ($90 Value)

or 4 installments of $16.25 USD by Info

Our natural, nutrient-rich FolliGROā„¢ Complex helps improve hair density, dissolve product buildup, reduce itchiness, regulate oil production and banish flakes after one application. With continued use, hair looks consistently healthier, feels stronger (hello, ponytails) and volume is restored.Ā 

Set IncludesĀ 

  • Healthy Scalp Serum (1.7 fl. oz.)
  • Travel-Sized Healthy Scalp Serum (.5 fl. oz.)
  • Blush Luxe Wide Tooth CombĀ 


  • Improve Thickness
  • Stimulate Microcirculation
  • Reduce buildup

Key Ingredients

Loquat Leaf

Increases hair thickness, density and strength while reducing scalp flaking.

Camellia Leaf

Hydrates the scalp while shielding free radical damage.


Strengthens the hair shaft.

Larch Tree

Balances sebum production preventing greasy hair and extending the time between water-based shampoos.


Clinical Results



98% would recommend the Healthy Scalp Serum to a friend

98% felt the precision tip made applying the serum easy and convenient

93% noticed the serum absorbed quickly

roots before and after applying healthy scalp serum

This is the only product that has grown some baby hair around my edges and deep into my hairline. It's truly amazing!

- CapriQueen

              How to use

How To Use

For AM & PM use. Use GloPROĀ® SCALP on clean, product-free hair. Hair may be damp or dry. Part hair into sections, lightly hold hair taut and in parallel with hair strands, gently glide GloPROĀ® back and forth over the scalp for about 5 seconds per target area. Continue parting hair and using GloPROĀ® until all desired areas have been treated. Use the precision tip on the serum tube to help part hair. Apply 2-3 drops directly to scalp on each target area massaging gently. Repeat until all desired areas have been treated. 

Warning: Do not roll GloPROĀ® SCALP Tool through loose hair. Do not use the SCALP Tool on the face, lips, eyelid, eye area or body.

Frequently Asked Questions

This serum is designed with the exact ingredients our scalp needs to help extend the hairā€™s growth cycle and remove buildup, flaking and dryness in order to restore complete hydrated harmony, and create an environment where healthy follicles can thrive. Healthier, stronger hair is more likely to grow without premature fallout or thinning due to breakage.

No, the Healthy Scalp Serum is a weightless scalp serum that quickly dries without stickiness. We recommend sticking to your normal styling routine after using the serum on clean, product-free scalp. 

Yes! After treating all target areas with the Healthy Scalp Serum on a clean, product-free scalp, you can use your standard styling hair products.

Yes! This system is compatible with all hair types and is also suitable for those with a sensitive, dry, oily or irritated scalp. If you have a specific concern about introducing a scalp serum to your routine, please consult your dermatologist. 

Yes, the serum works on color-treated hair; and no, it will not strip hair of color treatments. 

Yes! Absolutely. We recommend applying the Healthy Scalp Serum daily to a clean, product-free scalp. However, for maximum results, we do recommend applying the Healthy Scalp Serum after treating your scalp with the GloPROĀ® SCALP Attachment.

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