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The Beholder Eyelid Lifting Cream

Firming Eyelid Wrinkle Cream

0.5 fl. oz/ 15 ml

or 4 installments of $17.25 USD by Info

Best cream for eyelid wrinkles and puffy eyes.  Lightweight, emollient 360° lifting and firming eye cream lifts tired, hooded lids and restores a youthful contour for a fresh, wide-awake look. Powerful self-rising technology from the Holy Herb and Holy Sinensis plants open and lift the entire eye area while diminishing dark circles. Persian Silk Tree Bark Extract improves elasticity helping us say, “goodbye, sagging” and hello (again) to the contour and brow arch that gravity stole over time. If you haven't seen your eyelids in a while, this is the eyelid firming, lifting, and tightening cream for you.

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  • Helps Lift Hooding
  • Brightens Overall Appearance
  • Restores Youthful Contour

Key Ingredients

Licorice Root Extract

A natural brightener and anti-inflammatory, licorice root de-puffs and lightens. Antioxidants within the root fight free radicals and plant sterols promote elasticity and fight wrinkle formation.

Persian Silk Tree Bark Extract

An antioxidant that prevents and reverses glycation, the aging and subsequent inelasticity of collagen.

Sodium Hyaluronate

Reaches down into the dermis to attract and maintain water making skin look plumper and fuller. Improves microcirculation and nutrient absorption.

Ethically Sourced Beeswax

A non-comedogenic wax, beeswax coats the skin to prevent against moisture loss and repel environmental toxins. The presence of Vitamin A encourages skin cell growth.


"I would give more stars if I could. My eyes are more open with the beholder"

- Drasell

              How to use The Beholder

How To Use

For AM + PM use. Cleanse face and pat dry. Press down on white airless pump to release cream. Apply 1 pump to eyelids, up to and around the brow bone and under the eyes. Avoid direct eye contact. Follow with makeup if desired.

Skinsider Tips:
  • For maximum de-puffing and dark circle correction, use GLOPRO® EYE MICROTIP™ Attachment Head before applying BeautyBio's The Beholder.
  • May be used underneath makeup.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Beholder is a lifting eye and lid cream that contours the eye area and counteracts gravity’s natural pull to lift hooded lids. The Quench is a nourishing under-eye cream that restores skin’s protective barrier to renew elasticity and brighten the under-eye. Just remember: The Beholder = above the eye; The Quench Eye = under the eye.

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