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The power of ice-cold temps

Our 100% stainless steel Cryo Rollers relieve built-up WFH muscle tension, de-puff from late night snacking, instantly sculpt cheekbones before Zoom dates & feel legit next-level.

Helps expel toxins from skin

Regulates oil production

Smooths signs of wrinkles

Relieves tension & body aches

Cools, firms and calms skin

Reduces puffiness & dark circles


Dual-Ended Skin Icing Roller
for Eyes + Face/Body


Skin Icing GloPRO Attachment Heads
for Eyes + Face/Body

Clinically Proven Results

Where & Why to Use

Treat with Cryo throughout the day whenever you and your skin need a moment to chill.

1. WFH screen time in the double digits?

Icy chill helps relieve muscle tension, soothe headaches & alleviate soreness

2. Late-night snacking?

Rolling diminishes facial & under-eye puffiness in the AM

3. Going outside?

Cryo rolling soothes & reduces redness (from allergies, a quick jog or warm temps)

4. Feeling stressed?

Cold therapy helps expel toxins from our skin, regulating oil production & curbing breakouts

5. Cancelled Dr. appointment?

Cryo is at-home frotox, it instantly brightens, tightens, sculpts & contours

6. Prepping for a Zoom date?

The cooling sensation supports skincare absorption & improves makeup application for a smooth, even finish

How to Roll

Neck + Décolleté

Face + Eye

Ankle + Foot

Leg + Joints

Store the Cryo Roller & Attachments (detached from GloPRO) in the fridge between uses

Adding Cryo To Your AM & PM Routines

Try our way, invent your own, or mix n’ match, you can’t go wrong.


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