#BeautyBioBoss Series: Emily Jackson

Emily Jackson

Emily Jackson has her hands full.

Her fifth child is a labor-of-love activewear brand, IVL Collective, that launched with a mission to fill the obvious fashion-forward void Jackson saw in the market.
IVL Collective combines technical, solution-based textiles such as collagen-infused fabric with antimicrobial technology, then marries these features with chic, modern designs, creating activewear that doesn’t require sacrificing style before, during or after a workout. Today, IVL Collective carries a full range of leggings, bras, tanks, skirts and jackets for those of us wanting to look polished, and let’s face it, feeling confident, for wherever the day takes us.
And P.S., Emily, if you ever teach classes on multi-tasking or working out, we’re in.


Current title/occupation?

Founder and Creative Director of Ivory Lane and IVL Collective

First thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

I immediately throw on my IVL. This is the first step to telling my body that I need to get my workout in to start the day. It may sound insignificant, but that sense of excitement toward getting dressed for your workout improves your chances of getting it done. Then I either hit the mountains for a 6-8 mile trail run or do an hour of circuit strength training.

One thing you must do every day?

Get my workout in! Not starting my day off right and on schedule often determines my energy level and productivity.

Power statement/personal motto?

“Decisions determine destiny” or “It’s not always easy but it’s always worth it”

Go-to motivation song?

Anything Taylor Swift

Self-care hacks (in whatever form self-care takes for you)?

My morning workouts help to clear my mind and focus on my health for 60-90 minutes. The other hours of the day are dedicated to my family and my business.

Guilty pleasure?

Chocolate and the Bachelor!

What do you do to develop your team’s skills?

First, I think it is important to identify the what each member of the team is passionate about. This ensures that each team member is working on an area of the business that is of interest to them. Once each role is clearly defined then a system of goal setting and consistent reporting will help each team member develop in their areas of interest.

Hardest part of your job?

The hardest part of my job is dealing with all the different hats that I wear on a daily basis. There are design, production, marketing, and administrative tasks that I am constantly managing. I have more of a creative mind which doesn’t naturally lend itself towards structure and organization, so building out a team that can support me in these areas has been crucial.

#1 trait you look for when interviewing?

Apart from the relevant experience in the role that we are hiring for, problem-solving and clear communication are critical. There are new challenges every single day, and in most cases it requires a team working together to tackle them.

You suddenly have a free hour in your day, what do you do with it?

Call my sisters and catch up on everything they are doing. I’m a nosy older sister and feel like I always have to know what’s going on in their lives. They try to act annoyed by it, but deep down I know that they love it.

Any professional regrets?

No major regrets. I would have loved to launch IVL at an earlier age, but I am also glad that I took that time to grow our family with the births of our four children.

Go-to beauty look?

A natural glow - bronzer, blush, mascara, and the BBS pout lip gloss.

Fallback career?

Growing up at a young age I was definitely a daddy’s girl, and he had convinced me that a career in the WNBA should be my aspiration. However, that was short lived and as I grew the idea of writing and working in PR began to appeal to me, which led to my college degree in Communication. After graduating I instead decided to write for myself and publish content on Ivory Lane, the rest is history!

Most prized possession?

My kids! They aren't a possession, but I value them over everything else! Seriously, they are my entire life!

How do you stay motivated?

I am truly passionate about what I do, so I don’t find myself constantly looking for sources of motivation. Creating amazing products that are technically driven and fashion forward, and then watching people fall in love with them the way that I have, is all the motivation that I need.

Favorite BBS product and why?

QUENCH! I have such dry skin, so this is my lifesaver!!

To learn more about Emily Jackson visit instagram:  @emilyijackson


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