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How to Microneedle for Plumper Lips

How to Microneedle for Plumper Lips

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The cosmetic industry’s methods of delivering a plumper pout have historically been comical (injectables, fillers, lip venom) and painful with results that are very, very obvious if the procedure doesn’t go well.

Society’s desire for plump lips hasn’t waned, but the technology behind the delivery system has vastly improved giving us options to perfect our pout at home in privacy (thank goodness). Plus, now you only get duck lips if you want them because you’re more in control.

How microneedling can work for your lips

GloPRO® Microneedling Regeneration Tool works by using hundreds/thousands of tiny needles that make micro-injuries in your skin promoting the production of collagen and new skin formation. When performed on the lips, your skin cell's collagen and elastin production (aka skin’s healing response) goes into overdrive, filling out your lips making them firmer and plumper. The best part is there’s no bruising or downtime, so you can literally microneedle your lips in the morning before applying your fave lipstick.

Lip microneedling vs other lip-enhancement procedures

Compared to traditional lip fillers and injectables, microneedling offers several advantages:

  • Lower investment: Instead of paying for multiple treatments, an at-home microneedling tool involves one up-front cost, which is still relatively minimal, and the tool can be used as often as you like. But, just like a razor, you’ll need to replace the attachment heads every so often (recommendation is 3-4 months) to keep the efficacy of the tool at its highest.
  • No downtime or prep time: Forget driving to the doctor’s office, scheduling appointments and follow-ups, at-home microneedling affords you total ease of use whenever works for you. You can use daily or just a few times a week to see results.
  • Control over results: When you go into a medical spa for a hyaluronic acid or collagen injection, your lips are at the mercy of the administering professional. With your own at-home device, you control your pout’s destiny with when, how long and how often you microneedle.
  • Convenience: Microneedling itself only takes a few min, recommended 60 seconds total per target area. Try fitting in a whole derm appointment in 60 seconds. 

Which tool design is best for lip microneedling?

GloPRO® LIP attachment head is designed to be totally goof-proof, which is why it’s equipped with silicone bumpers for easy use on the lips without worrying about a collision with gums or teeth. MicroTip™ needles are slightly shorter and less dense than the standard GloPRO® attachment head to accommodate the unique horizontal skin layer composition and rapid cellular turnover on the lips.

How to use a lip microneedling tool

For better, faster results with your lip microneedling tool, having a proper technique is essential. Here are a few important tips we recommend:

  • Roll your lip microneedling tool in four different directions on each area. Rolling vertically, horizontally and diagonally will provide the most stimulation to the target area and ensures no area goes untreated. 
  • Roll 2-3 time per week or more. For at-home microneedling, we recommend using your tool 2-3 times per week at a minimum to see results. For even better plumping of your lips, you can use your tool daily.               
  • No pressure needed. The needles on the microneedling tool are designed to work without added weight/pressure. Let the weight of the lip derma roller do the work.
  • Take good care of your microneedling tool. To keep the needles on your tool sharp and efficacious, store your roller in a safe, dry place and sterilize the needles after each use with isopropyl alcohol. Use the spritzer bottle provided (or another of your choice) and it’s as simple as spray and roll until all the needles have been cleaned.
  • Roll whenever you want, but there are some perks to nighttime rolling. Rolling before you go to bed has a couple of extra benefits. Any lip treatments or serums applied at night directly after microneedling will have a chance to sync up with your circadian rhythm and skin’s natural nighttime renewal process, which is always a bonus. And, if you experience any flushing of the skin from microneedling, which is totally normal and sometimes preferable with the lips, nighttime rolling also means skin has a chance to cool down. 


GloPRO Bigger Kisses Set GloPRO Lip MicroTip The Pout Lip Serum
GloPRO® Bigger Kisses Set
GloPRO® LIP MicroTip™
The Pout Lip Serum


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