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HQ Holiday Gift Guide, Ashley, Director of Social/Influencer Marketing

HQ Holiday Gift Guide, Ashley, Director of Social/Influencer Marketing

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Ashley (she/her) is a Dallas native and the Director of Social/Influencer Marketing here at BeautyBio. She loves staying active and spending time with her chihuahua, Mona, she recently purchased a dog sling to bring her along on her hikes! Ashley describes her style as "either a leggings-obsessed gym rat or Normcore, there is no in-between." Read all about Ashley's holiday faves in her gift guide below.

Favorite holiday songs:

Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt

The thing you look forward to most during the holidays:

Every year, my husband and I spend Christmas morning together, just the two of us, drinking coffee and opening gifts. It's a nice, calm way to start the day before the family craziness.

How do you practice self-care during the holidays?

I love taking long walks with my dogs while listening to podcasts.

Your favorite BeautyBio products to gift and who you gift them to:

GLOfacial - I'm excited to give my mom this year's must-have gift for skincare enthusiasts!

Bright Eyes - for EVERYONE'S stockings.

BeautyBio Minis - For my mother-in-law, they're the perfect size for when she goes camping.

What are some of your other go-to holiday gifts and who’s getting them?

Fingers crossed, I can get my husband the PS5. I'll be stocking up on books for my 2-year-old niece so we can read together at bedtime. For my team, I look forward to baking them my favorite holiday cookies.