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#BLUSHCRUSH: Tinsley Erin

#BLUSHCRUSH: Tinsley Erin

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Tinsley Erin is a Dallas-based content creator with a focus on fashion & beauty. Tinsley creates stunning photo and video content that captures the essence of the products she is promoting with beauty and ease. Through her brand-friendly approach, she has worked with companies in a wide variety of categories including beauty, fashion, home, baby, and lifestyle. Tinsley has built a successful career as a creator while maintaining her full time role as a mother to 2 kids, Liam who is 11 years old and Olivia who is 7months old.

Current title & occupation?

Content creator & influencer

Congratulations on bringing your daughter into the world in 2022! What is the most unexpected thing about being a mother of 2 that you have experienced so far?

Our children's egregious use of sleep deprivation as torture. Just Kiddding!!! No, it’s been lovely and we feel so blessed they’re both so healthy. I would say the most unexpected thing was how much motherhood has changed in the 12 years since I had Liam (our first). I feel like there was a lot more stigma in the professional world around being a mom before. It’s so interesting to see the new dynamic that technology and society have created to help woman embrace full time motherhood AS WELL AS being a woman with a full time career. 

How do you continue to prioritize “me time” and self care (in whatever form that takes for you)? 

Everyday I block off an entire hour for myself. That could include my makeup, hair, a mini facial, the gym, or maybe a coffee by myself. It’s so important to show yourself love in whatever way possible.

What is your favorite beauty trend that’s having a moment?

Lots of blush! I’m absolutely loving that blush has become such a big thing. Also, that cream blush has made a major comeback. 

The job title “influencer” has earned a place in everyday language. Is it an accurate description? 

Yes and no, I feel like everyone in some way is an influencer. I love seeing women inspiring one another all across the world.

In your opinion, what is a better title? 

Experts, inspirers, motivators, creationist. 

Social media is constantly changing and evolving. What do you see as the biggest trend or change in the industry coming in 2023? 

Pure content creation that looks and feels relatable, less so commercial.

What has been your proudest career moment so far? 

Balancing being a creator/influencer full time and being at home with my family. It’s been a blessing to do what I love and inspire others within the freedom of my home. 

Do you have a personal motto or power statement that pushes you through on the not-so-fun days?

“Go with the flow” is a personal favorite. It’s important to allow yourself to feel your feelings, but it’s equally important to reel it back in and take care of what you can in the moment.

What is your favorite BeautyBio product(s)?

I’m obsessed with my GLOfacial tool and the Microneedling tool. These two were a game changer in my skin care routine.

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