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#BLUSHCRUSH: Jess Toolson

#BLUSHCRUSH: Jess Toolson

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Jess Toolson

Jess Toolson is the CEO & Founder of Mixhers and an all-around boss babe on a mission to help women everywhere take their unique health and happiness into their own hands. After embarking on her own hormone health journey, she felt compelled to share the natural solutions she'd found. So at the end of 2019, Jess teamed up with her business partner, Cody Sanders, and Mixhers was born. Mixhers is rewriting the narrative by helping women restore hormonal balance through simple, convenient (and addictively delicious) daily drink mixes while growing as an established and profitable brand through community-building and collaboration with other local female-owned businesses. Learn more about our October Blush Crush below!


Current title & occupation?

CEO and Founder at Mixhers.

What was the first big lesson you learned when starting a business?

There are no dumb questions!! Ask, ask more, and then find another person to ask.

What gave you the courage to start a business?

Knowing that if I didn't try to spread a solution for PMS symptoms, not only would my loved ones not have a solution, but my daughters wouldn't either.

If someone was new to Mixhers, what's the first thing you would recommend for them to try?

Hertime daily absolutely! Always! Hormone health is the key to thriving health.

Self-care takes many forms. How would you treat yourself if you suddenly had a free hour in your day without kids or meetings?

I love an outdoor hike, a massage, or a nap!!

What is the first thing you do every morning and the last thing you do every night? Are you a person of habit & routine?

First thing is I wash my face and brush my teeth! Then, at night, I drink my Hernightly then brush my teeth! I love habits and routines. I think it's the key to success.

Do you have a personal motto or power statement that pushes you through the not-so-fun days?

It requires lows to love the highs. It's how you show up, even on the low days, that creates resilience.

What is the best marriage advice you have ever received?

I love watching my parents' relationship. They've never stopped dating, conversing, and sharing with each other. It's not a piece of advice, but it's a relationship I dream of having.

Mixhers is all about community! What inspired you to emphasize not only building your community but going out and putting on events to get everyone involved?

I had times in my life when I experienced isolation and loneliness. It's been through a lot of uprooting our home and motherhood that I've experienced these feelings. So when I created Mixhers, I knew I wanted to be a friend that women all over the country could count on.

What acts as your North Star to help keep you and Mixhers on track for continuous growth & success?

Multi-directional success is real. I don't subscribe to the idea that one success has to happen at the expense of another. I can be a fulfilled and impactful wife, mother, sister, and friend and build a business. Likewise, we can grow Mixhers in a way that lifts other businesses and entrepreneurs at the same time. There is space for all to succeed! The key is leaning into community, integrity, and love.

What is the #1 trait you look for when interviewing?

Genuine, inquisitive, and engaged!

Favorite BeautyBio Product?

GLOfacial! I am obsessed! And Bright Eyes under-eye brightening gels.

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