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#BLUSHCRUSH: Angie Banicki

#BLUSHCRUSH: Angie Banicki

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Angie Banicki

Angie Banicki is a high-profile entertainment publicist turned tarot card reader to the stars. What started as a hobby is now a full-time job and lifestyle that is all about living with awareness and intention. She's Hollywood's go-to tarot card reader—inspiring the entertainment world and opening the minds of the biggest skeptics. Her client list includes celebrities, politicians, and entertainment industry execs. Although Angie prefers to be known as a modern mystic and channel for divine guidance for her clients, she is highly sought after by brands such as InStyle, Dior, Jimmy Choo, and celebrities who wish to provide their guests with a memorable event experience. She’s also been featured on E!, Vanderpump Rules, Business Insider, Refinery29, Buzzfeed, Cosmo, New York Magazine, Hollywood Reporter and more!  

Current title and occupation?

Angie Banicki – Tarot Reader, Writer and Modern Mystic based in Malibu, CA

You weren’t always a celebrity tarot card reader; what can you tell us about your earlier career?

My early career was a Hollywood marketing publicist. It was my job to connected brands with celebrities and create fun and fabulous experiences. I did everything from the Playboy party at the Superbowl to launching Blackberry to getting Jack Nicholson to read “Walter the Farting Dog” book for charity.

If someone had never heard of tarot reading, how would you explain it in one sentence?

To get a tarot reading is to tap into a divine connection and receive life guidance from your highest, wisest source – the cards are the book that tells the story of your soul.

In your book, ’30 Before 30’, you share your 30-day solo adventure throughout Europe where your itinerary was inspired by people in your life. That’s an adventure many only dream about! Have any tips on traveling solo?

Traveling solo is my burning man. It is going out into the world like the Fool card in the tarot and asking for the universe to show you a new way of looking at the world. Like in my book, I think if you can ask your friends or favorite people for travel advice it unlocks the first chapters of your ‘choose your own adventure.’

What was your favorite stop & why during this month-long trek?

I don’t know if I have a favorite but one that always seems to pop in my head is going to the grocery store in Paris, at the suggestion of Donald Sutherland. Exploring this very normal place in a foreign country was fascinating; so many different foods and ways of serving and selling the food. And then being able to send him a picture of me with the chickens in the grocery store was such a magical connection. I felt connected to his story and made it my own then got to share it back. It just brought me such unexpected joy in its simplicity.

What’s always in your carry-on when you travel?

My tarot cards ha!

How do you practice awareness & intention throughout the day?

Honestly, having a job where I have to be a clear channel, makes it almost impossible to not to. If I try to go do a reading and I’m in a fight with my partner, I have to go find a way to work through it before I can go read…so basically keeping myself in check and listening to what I need. Most of the time – time out in nature (I literally went on a hike and let myself lean into my favorite tree to move fear out of my body), sitting in my tipi with the sound bowls, rubbing essential oils on my feet, are all ways I stay grounded.

Can you tell us more about your connection with music and how it’s incorporated into your readings?

Yes, I have a Spotify list of 1400 songs of music that plays during my readings. I met Daniel who started Spotify before it came to the US so I’ve been adding songs now for over 10 years. I turn that list on and hit shuffle and the songs start speaking with the readings. I’ve had so many crazy things happen to validate the magic in it. Like I’m talking about someone’s boyfriend and they tell me he’s in the band that comes on. That happened on two different occasions. Or when I started talking about someone’s husband and “their song” from the wedding comes on. Or the music just plays songs that are like another person is in the room talking in the conversation about the topic we are specifically talking about. It’s pretty wild, fun and beautiful!

What advice do you have for someone who’s interested in learning more about tarot and manifestation?

I have a weekly zoom I do dedicated to tarot and manifesting! It’s a gathering of like-minded individuals and we talk about how the tarot is reflected in the world that week and what tools are best to use during specific timelines to manifest! Anyone can join for $10 if you join my monthly newsletter, I send out the zoom link each month.

What’s next for Angie Banicki?

I’m working on a tarot deck that I really cannot wait to share! And I’m doing some other fun creative collaborations – jewelry with Pound Jewelry for one. And then there are just some seeds planting for more.



Website:   IG: @angiebanicki — TikTok: @angiebanicki