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#BLUSHCRUSH: Alexandra Malek

#BLUSHCRUSH: Alexandra Malek

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Say hello to our May Blush Crush, Alexandra Malek.

Alexandra is a Dallas-based girl mom who uses her blog and multiple social accounts to share her favorite finds in fashion, makeup, skincare, and loves to encourage others to feel their best. Not only is Alexandra near our BeautyBio HQ (Dallas love!!), but she has an amazing story that we can’t wait to share with you. She is also an affirmation QUEEN and we are here for it. Read on to get to know more about this month’s Blush Crush.

What is your current title & occupation?

Influencer and Content Creator

What inspired you to become a content creator?

Before I became an influencer I was a nurse!

When I was 15 I really wanted to work in fashion and I told my parents I wanted to work for a magazine one day! (This was before content creation/Instagram existed) They were like, "That's great but NO - you're going to be a doctor!" Ha. So, fast forward to college. I ended up getting my degree in nursing and I did love it. I got a job in an incredible unit that mostly cared for cancer patients and I worked there for a few years.

One day out of nowhere, my family and I got the worst news. My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. From the time of diagnosis I knew the outcome and to make a long story short, he actually became a patient in the unit I worked on. After he passed away, it was VERY hard to work in this field. I had a different perspective on life and was ready to make a change.

Thankfully, while I was working as a nurse I started a fashion blog on the side. Just as a hobby and creative outlet, never thinking that it would one day turn into my job. Shortly after my dad passed away I went all in on this and never looked back.😊

What advice would you give to those who are interested in becoming a full-time content creator?

Believe in yourself and be willing to put in the work! If you want to become a FULL TIME content creator, you have to work full-time. When I first started, I was literally working 16 hour days. To my friends and family, it probably just looked like I was having fun and trying on clothes all day, but behind the scenes there's so much going on! Don't wait for the perfect time - just do it. You will learn as you go, so just start.

Having a career on social media can come with a hefty amount of societal pressure to always look or act perfect. Is this something that you’ve dealt with either currently or in the past?

Getting divorced with your life/job being social media was one of the strangest reality checks. I didn't even realize that so many people I followed were always posting picture-perfect family photos and that I was one of them (lol)! For a minute, I wondered if people would still want to follow me if my life didn't look perfect. But I quickly learned that people love ‘real’ more than ‘perfect’. The amount of support I received from my followers was incredible and connected me to them even more!

As a mother to a young daughter, how do you practice self-love and acceptance day-to-day?

On the days when I'm not feeling it, I try to treat myself as I would want Ava to treat herself one day. I do this all the time actually. It keeps me in a positive go-getter mindset.

Which social trends do you hope stick around for the rest of 2023?

Okay, I might sound very 2018, but I love a good OOTD pic, a GRWM reel is my thing, and I love a chatty A.M. skincare routine!

Any social trends you want to never see again?

The dancing TikTok thing. Remember when TikTok first came out and EVERYONE was making dancing videos? I cringe that I was one of them. Never again.

Do you have a personal power statement or motto that gets you through the not-so-fun days?

Yes, I’m big on affirmations! A few of my favorites:
 – "If it was easy then everybody would do it"
 – "Act like the person you want to become"
 – "You will either have reasons or results"
 – "Stop waiting for an open door. Build a door and open it." ← favorite :)

We know you’re a fan of our GloPRO® Microneedling Tool. What’s your go-to routine featuring the GloPRO®?

I like to use it in the evening on clean skin. After I shower, I GloPRO® and then follow with the rest of my skincare routine to maximize the benefits of my products.

Which BeautyBio product(s) do you love to introduce to friends who may be new to the brand?

GloPRO®!! I actually bought one for my friend as a gift when I was staying with her to thank her for hosting! She loved it.

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