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Blendrops™ - Us vs.Them

Blendrops™ - Us vs.Them

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Since bronzing drops first went viral, they’ve continued to be a trending topic in the beauty world. This makeup substitute is meant to give the skin a bronzed glow without having to leave the house (and most importantly, without the sun damage that occurs when getting a tan).

With “it-girl” influencers filming their GRWM videos, mixing their drops with moisturizer to get that bronzed, makeup-optional skin look, it’s no surprise they’ve become a staple in many beauty routines. 

Naturally, brands have quickly hopped on the trend to duplicate and offer similar options, and let's just say, not all drops on the market are created equal. If you’ve been using skin-tinting competitor drops, you’re most likely applying multiple products to your skin to achieve a sun-kissed, but also sun-protected glow, and perhaps even experienced breakouts because of it. Oversaturating your skin with oil-based products can cause clogged pores, acne, and overall congestion. Because of this, we’ve prioritized the formulation of a product that is oil-free and fueled with oil-control actives.

We understand the struggle of finding a product that not only delivers a gorgeous, sun-kissed, filtered finish or more radiant glow but also provides sun protection and skincare benefits, which is why we dare to say we’ve developed the unicorn of all drops with our latest product launch, Blendrops™

After over 50 formula iterations, we’ve confidently cracked the code on a formula that delivers not equally, but better, bronzed, perfecting, or illuminizing benefits with SPF 40 protection – all without the dreaded white cast. Available in three different finishes, Bronzing Blendrops™ offer instantly sun-kissed, vacay-ready-looking skin, Perfecting Blendrops™ give a glowing, filtered finish appearance and Illuminizing Blendrops™ deliver a more radiant, champagne shimmer glow. The best part? All three formulas deliver broad-spectrum SPF protection and color-correcting + skin-plumping skincare benefits. 

What exactly sets BeautyBio Blendrops™ apart from other skincare and beauty drops? 


Let's lay it all out:

  • Physical Barrier SPF 40: The first ever drops in the US to feature invisible Zinc Oxide SPF 40 protection. 
  • Weightless, Oil-Free Formula: Provides a silky-smooth application without feeling heavy or greasy on the skin.
  • Zero White Cast: Say goodbye to the dreaded, sunscreen white cast. 
  • Color-Correcting and Skin-Plumping Benefits: Formulated with Tranexamic and Polyglutamic acids (5-10x more hydrating than Hyaluronic Acid), this formula helps plump, color-correct, and hydrate skin in minutes.
  • Oil-Control Actives: Helps keep your skin clear from breakouts. 
  • Three Different Finishes: While most brands offer one 'shade,' we offer three finishes that work on all skin types: bronzing, illuminizing, or perfecting to help achieve an instantly more sun-kissed complexion, filtered-looking finish or more radiant glow.
  • 4 Ways to Use, Endless Blending Possibilities: Can be used alone directly on the skin or blended with your favorite moisturizer, foundation, or body lotion for instant makeup-optional skin. Perfect, contour, highlight, or use as eyeshadow - the possibilities are endless. Use #BlendMyWay to see how the Glommunity blends and show us your fave ways to apply.
  • The One-Stop Drop for all Skin Types: Formulated with AutoAdjust™ Tech, our formula adapts to every skin tone for a natural-looking finish. Not too orangey, not too espresso in color - just the perfect complementary tone to achieve a natural-looking glow. 

Ultimately, it's not just about the formula — it's about a multitasking skincare product that does it all. Blendrops™ replace your daily SPF skincare step while supplementing your makeup routine. From mixing with moisturizer for a subtle, natural glow to using as eyeshadow or body contour, the versatile application can be blended in countless ways. Our priority is to continue empowering Truth in Beauty by launching skin-first products that don’t compromise the health of your complexion. So why settle for less when you can have it all in just one formula? Welcome to the future of beauty, where less is more, and radiant, healthy-looking skin is just a few drops away.